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10 Most Sought After Nail Art Trends of 2013

 With nail art getting its own glorification and people all around the world sporting the most beautiful and bizarre designs on their nails, it is time you get yourself the hottest nail art that is trending this year. All you need is a host of nail colors and a little patience.

 Here’s ygoy’s pick of the trending nail art designs this year.

1. Glitter that fades

Sought After Nail Art Trends

Fading away glittery colors painted on nails are all the rage this year, being sported by many celebrities. This nail art makes your nails look beautiful with a thick shade of glitter on one end (mostly on the inner edge) which fades off from thinner shades to nothing. Silver colored sparkles are mostly opted with gold sparkles also being the hot color of choice. Nude colors or white when used as the base color, makes the glitter look good.

2. Designed Edges


Edges of the nails are colored with a bright colored polish while the rest of the nail is painted with nude colors . This is yet another nail art design that is hot this year. Some celebrities were seen sporting dramatic edges where it looks like blood is dripping over the edge of your nails. Floral designs, your favourite cartoon character, your favourite sport or your country’s flag painted over the edges of the nails are also in fashion this year.

3. Polka Dots


Polka dots are back in vogue, this time on nails. Nail art with polka dotted designs are being flaunted rampantly this year. Bright colours like blue or black are used as the background while the dots are in lighter colors, mostly white. Gold, grey and silver colored polka dots also make your nails look fabulous.

4. Ombre Nail art


The Ombre nail art has each nail coloured differently such that it changes from a darker to a lighter shade of the same colour. This nail art creates a beautiful effect on your nails. Colors like pink and purple look pretty for this kind of nail art.

5. Stripes


Stripes are one more nail trend that is in this year. You can either get multiple stripes of bright colors or a single stripe of gold or silver color in the centre of a background colour. Stripes make your nail look fabulous if you choose the right nail color combination. Vertical stripes and horizontal stripes both look really chic but horizontal stripes are less preferred.

6. Beaded nails


Nails with beads on them, also called caviar nails is a nail art trend that rose to fame in the fall of 2012. This year, it is still the most sought after nail art by many people. Multi colored beads, black colored beads, gold and silver colored beads are the most used, although pink and blue colored beads also look great.

7. Matching Nails


Nail art with designs that match with your dress are always the most beautiful. 2013 has seen a lot of celebrities do this. They not only had their nails painted with the color that matches the nails but some of them went as far as getting the exact same design as their dress.

8. Tribal nails


Tribal nails art with colourful and fabulous tribal designs should definitely be sported this year. With their intricate designs and lovely shades they make your nails look amazing. The only downside is that they are very time taking. 

9. Neon Tips


French manicure where the tips are done with a brightly coloured neon nail polish while the rest of the nail is painted in nude colors is highly in vogue this year. A beautifully bright orange, light yellow, bright pink and a shining red shade can make your nails look fantastic.

10. Reverse French Manicure

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Reverse French manicure nail art, where the inner edges of the nails are painted with a different color from the rest of the nail (preferably a contrasting color) are a much sought after nail trend this year.  The classic combinations of black and white where the nails are painted with black color while the edges with white are mostly used for the reverse French manicure. Silver and gold edges also make your nail look classy.

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  1. @Lynda – I agree with you on the bead nails. Adding a 3D texture in that medium is too much fun.

    I am also a fan of the glitter fading out, ombre, & neon french tip.

    I enjoyed your pictures 🙂

  2. Oh My GOSH!! I thought I could not love you more! I am addicted to nail polish and have really enjoyed reading your take on the history.Love it 🙂

    This post is fantastic.

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