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Africa Movie Academy Awards 2013: List of Winners

And so the the 2013 Africa Movie Academy Awards have come and gone; another set of awards have been given to the deserving and conscientious thespians. As scheduled, the event took place on Saturday the  20th of April at an impressive ceremony in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Nollywood [Nigeria] bagged a majority of the awards and  retains its place as an undisputed leader in the African film industry. View the list of winners below:

Best Short Film: Kwaku Ananse (Ghana)

Best Documentary: Fuelling Poverty (Nigeria)

Best Diaspora Feature: Stones In The Sun (Haiti/USA)

Best Diaspora Documentary: Fan Do Brasil (Brazil/Guatamala)

Best Animation: Adventure Of Zambezia (South Africa)

Best Film By An African Abroad: Last Flight To Abuja (UK/Nigeria)

Achievement In Production Design: Elelwani

Achievement In Costume Design: Blood And Henna (Nigeria)

Achievement In Make-Up: The Meeting (Nigeria)

Achievement In Soundtrack: The Last Fishing Boat (Malawi)

Achievement In Visual Effects: The Twin Sword (Nigeria)

Achievement In Sound: Nairobi Half Life (Kenya)

Achievement In Cinematography: Uhlanga, The Mark (South Africa)

Achievement In Editing: Heroes And Zeros (Nigeria)

Best Actress In A Leading Role: Florence Masebe – Elelwani

Achievement In Lightning: Moi Zaphira (Burkina Faso)

Achievement In Screenplay: Heroes And Zeroes (Nigeria)

Best Nigerian Film: Confusion Na Wa (Nigeria)

Best Film In An African Language: Moi Zaphira (Burkina Faso)

Best Promising Actor: Belinda Effah – Kokomma (Nigeria)

Best Actor In A Supporting Role: Gabriel Afolayan – Hoodrush (Nigeria)

Best Actress In A Supporting Role: Hermelinda Cimela – Virgin Magarida

Best Actor In A Leading Role: Justus Esiri – Assasins Practice (Nigeria)

Best Director: Niji Akanni – Heroes And Zeroes (Nigeria)

Best Film: Confusion Na Wa (Nigeria)

Lifetime Achievement Awards: Tunde Kelani, Chief Eddi Ugbomah, Sir Ositadinma Okeke Oguno (Ossy Affason), Ayuko Badu and Chief Pete Edochie.

Special Recognition of Pillars of Nollywood: Emem Isong, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Kenneth Okonkwo and Film/Video Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria (FVPMAN).

Special Jury Award: Ninah’s Dairy (Cameroon)

Till next year folks; sayonara!

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