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When Culture Touches Your Style: The Soaring Trends of African Fashion in 2018

African Fashion

African fashion experienced a rise in popularity these past few years. Fabrics like Leso, Kitenge, and Ankara are highlighting big fashion shows. Accessories made in Africa are selling very quickly, and African skin products like the African black soap is being sought after by famous personalities all over.

In addition to accessories, fashion writers and bloggers all over the world deeply appreciate African dress patterns, jewelry styles, and hairstyles as well.

What Lies Ahead for African Fashion this 2018?

Perhaps this scenario is a question you may ask yourself particularly if you are into the fashion industry. But, the future of African fashion positively looks bright, and if you are a fan of modern African fashion, then you can surely put a smile big on your face because things seem to appear vibrant.

When we speak about hair and beauty, African creations and styles are scoring magazine covers as well as fashion headlines. African skin care products and makeup lines might not have it big like their fabric, but they are heading in the right direction.

African hairstyles are popular, and everyone is happy to show their textured hair without having to straighten it nowadays. YouTube has plenty of natural hair care coachings whose target audience is African women. Nearly all of the products applied in these particular tutorials are also made in Africa.

The future has plenty to offer for modern African style. The African print is also recently popular not only dresses, but bags, jewelry, shoes, and several other fashion pieces. Men are also not left behind for the African print is presently being worn by both sexes and all ages as well.

African Fashion is also being utilized as information for Fendi or Gucci, as well as other designers who have included the fabric into their courses knowing that there are bigger things to develop when we speak about African fashion.

How to Showcase African fashion?

In addition to being trendy these periods, African fashion is an excellent move to produce something fresh to your dresser with patterns and color that are elegant to combine and smooth to adjust to any wardrobe.

Whether you prefer only to wear one piece inspired by the classic African fashion or to make it your entire outfit, here are a couple of schemes that will help you get African styles and fashion into your daily wear.

African Dresses

One of the most attractive pieces of African inspired apparel are the dresses. African clothing comes in various styles and shapes that will help you get the piece that suits you best no matter what your typical style is.

Sleeveless Dresses. You can put on a sleeveless dress in Deal Wiki that has a close-fitting top and a pencil skirt at the bottom. The nice thing about these kinds of dresses is that you can put them on every day or perhaps save them for a special event.

With the same design but with a unique twist, you can showcase a dress with a close fitted top but together with a skirt that is looser and has a shortcut at the front and a back having a longer length for a more attractive look.

This shape fits everybody, and you can put it on for an everyday look, or you try adding a blazer for a more sophisticated evening look.

Long Dresses. If you fancy long dresses, then you could opt for a long maxi dress that is excellent for a night out, with a sleeveless top along with a long skirt that loosens up below your knee for a more cozy look.

The color makes it natural to wear for any event and have the patterns elegant and straightforward.

One-shoulder Dresses. Now, if you desire to jazz up the African dress game, then you can opt for a one-shoulder dress with a design on the waist that is a fabulous modern attire with an exquisite African pattern. It is surely a stunning dress that is excellent for dinner or perhaps, on a party.


Fashion is far-reaching and versatile, and it is not a surprise anymore if fashion enthusiasts will incorporate a new style to their designs.

African fashion is a nice idea because it adds a little dose of new color to your closet. Dresses, skirts, or pants, there is always something to match your style, particularly if the style makes you feel comfortable.

Cynthia Crane
Cynthia Crane
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