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Africa’s Top 20 Nations in Football as at December 2012

Drogba Top 20 Nations in Football as at December 2012Africa’s Top 20 Nations in Football as at December 2012

The last FIFA ranking of footballing nations for the year 2012 was released on Wednesday 19th December 2012. We have a list of the current Top 20 nations in Africa and we have served it hot and fresh for your finger-licking delight.

1)  Ivory Coast      (14th in the World),
2)  Algeria             (19th in the World),
3)  Mali                  (25th in the World),
4)  Ghana              (30th in the World),
5)  Zambia            (34th in the World),
6)  Egypt               (41st in the World),
7)  Gabon              (42nd in the World),
8)  Tunisia            (45th in the World),
9)  Central African Republic (52nd in the World),
10) Nigeria           (52nd in the World),
11) Libya                (54th in the World),
12) Guinea            (60th in the World),
13) Cameroon      (61st in the World),
14) Sierra Leone (62nd in the World),
15) Cape Verde Islands (69th in the World),
16) Togo                (71st in the World),
17) Morocco         (74th in the World),
18) Benin              (75th in the World),
19) Senegal           (77th in the World),
20) Equatorial Guinea (79th in the World)

Please, can someone tell me what happened to Kenya? or South Africa?

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