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After All These Years, All That Glitters Is Still Not Gold! [A Tale]

 All That Glitters Is Still Not Gold

Rachel’s first trip to England didn’t go as planned, and she was frustrated as hell. She wasn’t sure what angered her the most. The fact that she allowed his lying tongue talk her into this trip or that she actually thought for a tiny second that their relationship would amount to anything. Her frustration could easily be summed up in one word – Clyde. Who the heck bears the name Clyde anyway? She should have taken a clue from his name to know that nothing good will come out of him. Clyde was her boyfriend of four days. In four days, he had managed to convince her that the earth was blue, the firmament was red, and she could have anything she wanted, go anywhere she pleased, if she just believed. Rachel had believed alright. She had wanted more than anything else to travel and visit other places. Her sister had warned her about the possibility of things going wrong in the course of that trip. “The problem with you Mia is that you are unadventurous and negative minded”. She had told her sister angrily. Mia had looked at her like she had lost her mind.

“I can’t believe that you just met this guy and you already want to travel with him to Europe! This is not being adventurous, this is plain crazy,” Mia had argued.

And I said, to relax Mia, “He is my boyfriend after all, besides what could possibly go wrong? We’ll be back in two weeks max. Besides, I have never left the shores of this country before, and you know what they say, opportunity comes but once!”

Her sister continued in her effort to dissuade her from embarking on that trip up until she dropped them off at the airport. Rachel had jokingly waved off Mia’s worries, declaring them needless.

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Well, she should have listened. Her excitement began to wane when after waiting at the airport at England for about an hour; Clyde suddenly remembered he had not actually asked his friend to come pick them from the airport. Rachel would have screamed her disappointment if she wasn’t so hungry and tired. Just when Rachel was beginning to think they might have to spend the night at the airport, Clyde thought to call up another friend for help with finding a hotel. Finally, they made their way to a motel Rachel considered cheap and stuffy. By the end of her first day in England, Rachel wished she had listened to her sister and stayed home. Rachel tried to convince herself that the next day would be better. She would make sure he took her to all the beautiful places she had heard and read about. Little did she know more surprises awaited her. When the bombshell landed on her, Rachel could only open and close her mouth in shock, even words deserted her.

“I’m really sorry,” he said meekly at the look of shock, disbelief and disappointment on her face. “I thought I had more cash in the card” He said again waving an ugly looking card in front of her.

“I can’t believe this.” Rachel muttered when she could finally speak. Shaking her head slightly  she wished for it to be a dream. “This is not happening to me”.

“Just calm down, I will work something out, I promise”.

Rachel looked at him and actually saw him for what he was for the first time. A liar! All her adult life she’d be careful about guys like Clyde. She must have been blinded by her desperation to travel abroad to fall for a scumbag like Clyde.  Mia would have a field day with this one. For all she knew, Clyde didn’t have a decent job for starters.

“I want to go home.” was all she could think to say.

“Rachel…” Clyde began, but didn’t get to finish.


“One more word from you and I will scream down this cheap motel. I don’t care what you do or how you do it. I want to be on the first flight back home, tomorrow morning, got that?” Rachel didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day.  She couldn’t relax either until she’d called her sister. It took her 30 minutes to make up her mind whether to call her sister or not. If Mia was going to gloat, Rachel didn’t want to hear it. However, calling her sister was the smartest thing she did. Mia didn’t gloat like Rachel thought she would, but smartly pointed out the possibility that Clyde may not have enough money to fly her home. Mia immediately paid for her flight ticket online and sent her the details. By the next morning, Rachel was on her way back home. She vowed to keep her little escapade to herself forever.

“Thank God you came back alive,” was all her sister, Mia said.

Ify Chinedum

Chinedum Ify
Chinedum Ify
Chinedum Ify is an Author, Writer, Producer, Addiction and Children's Editor for BellaOnline, a Relationship Counsellor and the initiator of Help A Child Read.Com. Some of her works includes: "You too can have a happy-ever-after end" and "High School Rival". You can visit her at

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