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An Interesting Discourse on the Victory of the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria at the 2013 Under 17 World Cup

Victorious Golden Eaglets of Nigeria under 17 World Cup UAE 2013 When the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria lifted the 2013 Under 17 FIFA World Cup in far away Abu Dhabi,  I heartily wheeled away in celebration. It was a time of joy because Nigeria is back to winning ways. One of my Pals caught up with me and the following conversation ensued: –

S:    MOG!!! Did you follow these lads through out the tournament?
A:   Yes o! I have been on vacation for a while. So I calmed down to watch them.
S:    Nna, the boys are wonderful!!!
A:   Yes o! Very organised. I give it to the Coach. It is not very easy organising boys
S:    Meeen!!! Dat is eeehn!
A:   Not an easy task at all
S:   You’re right. The football was classy
A:   They get behind the ball so so quickly
S:    Skill, strength, swag and of course God. And didn’t you find their trademark celebration inspiring?
A:   I did
S:   I mean the “Oga at the Top” style of celebrating
A:   Yes o! Iheanacho started it in the first match
S:   I really didn’t notice dat boyoo!
A:  He shoved aside a team mate to do that
S:   It was around semi finals dat dey started hyping him
A:   Seems you didn’t watch the first match. Seems also You didn’t also watch the quarter finals
S:   Noooo! I missed it, but I watched quarter finals
A:  He plays like Messi sometimes
S:   I started watching them from the Sweden game, their second match
A:   He also reminds me of Kanu
S:   Papilooooooo!!!
S:   He was there today full time!
S:   Papilo na fada abeeeg!!!
A:  Yes o! His Presence alone na ginger for the boys
S:   Na wa for youooooo!!! Papilooo?!?! I say na fada eeeeeh!!!=D
A:   Yes o! That’s where he started. Exactly 20 years ago. In Japan
S:   Yesooo! And I watched it live and direct!!! Japan ’93. Festus Okonedo, Peter Anosike, Emmanuel/Cele Babayaro
A:   I did too! Yes o
S:   Karibe Ojigwe, Wilson Oruma
A:   I think these boys are in another class, teamwise
S:   These boys are compact!
S:   E just be like make dem continue go play next tournament for Chile sef. They know where who is and when
A:   It’s not everyday that u see boys that put ball on the ground
S:    I’m telling you!
A:   And pass it well
S:  See Awoniyi, Yahaya!!! And Success Isaac didn’t even playooo! I started following them right from their Nations  Cup Qualifiers o o o! I watched ALL their Nations Cup matches and Success was spectacular. Scoring goals for fun
A:   Success played only the first match. Only one match and I hear Udinese has snapped him up. See the wicked counter attacks he spearheaded. He made Ihenacho shine in that match. His assists were Super. For Iheanacho, his strongest points are his first touch and his composure
S:   Was he injured?
A:  Yes, he got injured after the first match And that was the end of his tournament. He never recovered.
S:   Woow! Kaaai! Sad!
A:   I think that Yahaya Guy has plenty prospects. Him, Iheanacho, the Captain
S:   He’s a master dribbler!!!
A:   Watch out for them in the future. Yahaya just loves to dribble
S:   And OMG!!! How come we haven’t mentioned someone!?!?
A:   who?

Maybe you would want to answer that. I wish all the Golden Eaglets success in the footballing careers.

For Great Pictures of the Victorious Golden Eaglets of Nigeria at the 2013 Under 17 World Cup, CLICK HERE


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