Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Call Home

Call home o lonely traveler ,

to the ready arms of the one who loves you.

Its been awhile you called the Father.

Call and He will put you through.

Why struggle at it,

When one call is all you need?

The road is rough and the journey tough,

but there is one who wont let you drop.

Call home!

I stand ready at the door waiting,

Knocking, per chance you will hear Me calling.

But I find you have gone far, too far to hear me.

I sent many emissaries, even my son to Calvary.

With hope that you will return home to me.

Call home, I stand here waiting.

To guide you because I alone know the way.

Forget the past, I have paid for it all.

Dial home, I await your call.











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