Friday, March 31, 2023
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Christmas: What Is It?


Is it the last page on the conventional calendar?
Is it the time of the appearance of the big star?
Is it when homes are alive with brilliant colours?
Or is it when we receive gifts and in turn give ours?

Is it white, or red, or green, or whatever we love?
Is it gold or silver or all of the above?
Is it about a God we hope one day to see?
Or is it about us and how we want it to be?

Is it when the cold has us stuffed in a woolly cocoon?
Is it the colours and the comical statues like the world of cartoons?
Is it the jingle of the bells, the rhythm of the town?
Or is it the picture created by the thoughts we own?

pop champagne

Is it when we pop champagne as the year ends?
Is it sharing and caring between families and friends?
Is it the fun and laughter in the air when we hug, kiss, and hold hands?
Or is it on the people, the celebration, and the season it depends?

Is it the season we’re in that gives the reason?
Is it the reason we celebrate, the birth of the Risen?
Is it a feeling we get for instance like a cold?
Or is it about the Gift, who got frankincence, myrrh, and gold?

Is it the snow, or what we know, or what we’re told?
Or is it The Gift-Child, the Glory of God to behold?

Merry Christmas From Konnect Africa!!!

A humorous, talented design professional, with a lifestyle that portrays creativity and leadership qualities. Eddie is a poet, and the CEO of Pure Breed Designs, Nigeria.

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