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Day 15 #ThinkAndGrowRich” Reading Challenge – 20 Insights on Desire For Success

Think and grow RichIt is amazing how a book that was written in 1937 by a man who died in 1970 can still have such profound application in these days that we live. This perennial bestseller has inspired many great men all around the world and I am now standing in line to join them. I don’t know about you. I am talking about the book I have been reading. It is titled Think and Grow Rich, the Bestselling Classic which was authored by Napoleon Hill.

I read Chapter two  of the book last night. As I read, I was just going , “Wow… Wow.. Wow!!!”. Let me share a few insights with you on the subject of DESIRE.

For your desire for success and riches in this life to have any chance of being fulfilled, it MUST have the following characteristics: –

  1. It must be DEFINITE
  2. It must be a consuming passion.
  3. It must begin with an intense burning desire, burning so much in your bones that you have no option but to go out there and make it happen.
  4. It must be pulsating.
  5. It must be keen
  6. It must be a dominating dream. It will require uncommon focus.
  7. It must be planted in your mind. Deeply rooted. Your mind must be full of it.
  8. It will require an Open Mind. You must not be afraid of new ideas.
  9. It will require all your energy, all your will power, all your efforts.
  10. It must be mixed with faith and backed by faith all the way. You must believe that it is overwhelmingly achievable.
  11. It must be ready to encounter convert adversity into stepping stones because every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.
  12. You must want it more than anything else
  13. You must be ready to dream. You must see the success you so much desire with your mind’s eye because DREAMS ARE THE SEEDLINGS OF REALITY.
  14. You must choose it. It is a choice and not just an happenstance.
  15. You must be ready to stand by it until it becomes the dominant obsession of your life, until you become a glorious success on the earth.
  16. You must be willing to burn all bridges behind you to make it happen. You must be willing to give up some things. Leave for yourself no possible way of retreat.
  17. You must be willing to stake your entire future on your ability to get it. Let it be a game of “I win, or I perish”.
  18. You must never accept defeat. No one ever is defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality. Practical Dreamers do not quit. Never take the easy way out and sabotage your dream for success.
  19. You must make no room for excuses. No alibis allowed. Just deliver.
  20. You must make no room for scorners, naysayers,  people who don’t believe in your dream. Consult the wise. Consult the experts but leave the naysayers behind.

Napoleon wrote, “Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.


Let me end this by asking you a question, “This desire that you have, how badly do you want it?”

ARISE… now.

To download the book and join us on this journey of discovery, do so below. It is completely FREE.

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