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Day 6 of the “Think and Grow Rich” 30-Day Reading Challenge – The Preface

Think and grow Rich

Have you started reading your book, “Think and Grow Rich”?

I have and it is so illuminating. Do not think for once that I have read this book before. We are in this together and I am learning.

Today, we will review the PREFACE of the book.

The Author, Napoleon Hill whets our appetite of what to expect. According to Him, there is a SECRET to making money and that secret is contained in this book. The sad part is that this SECRET is not taught in schools. The very rich Scotsman, Andrew Carnegie, had coached people on this SECRET and had seen ordinarily people grasp it and they went on to become outstandingly successful people in wealth, opportunities and leadership.

From what i have seen, the Author is no disclosing the Secret just yet, but says that as we read along, that Secret will jump out of the pages and stand boldly before you. Then you have a choice. Either to grasp it and change your life forever, or walk away from it and return to your old average life.

Do you desire to reach the high stations of life?

Do you desire to go beyond the education you received and make a difference with your life?

Do you want to know this secret that Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie are talking about?

Then, let’s read along. Let’s move to CHAPTER 1.


p.s. Have you read the PREFACE? What are your thoughts on the Author’s words? Yon can share them in the comments below.

To download the book and join us on this journey of discovery, do so below. It is completely FREE.

To read a review of chapter one of this great book, click here

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