Friday, June 2, 2023
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Dine With God

“And Samuel answered Saul, and said, I am the Seer: Go up before me unto the High Place; for ye shall eat with me today…” (1 Samuel 9 vs 19). That is the Focal Scripture of Streams of Joy Devotional Today.

STREAMS OF JOY(_) Pastor Jerry Eze Dine With GodIt is instructive to note that before the matter of Saul’s Kingship was announced, Prophet Samuel asked Saul to dine with him. Samuel said, “For Ye shall eat with me today”. There was something about Saul that was about to be revealed, and Samuel instructed Saul to eat with him “today”.

Prophets in the Old Testament were carriers of God’s Word. They spoke God’s mind. They represented the entirety of the counsel of God. Their mainstay was to fore-tell and forth-tell the mind of God. It will not be ambitious to assert that Prophets were synonymous with the Word of God. Notice carefully, Saul was invited to dine with the Prophet; put differently, Saul was going to dine with the Word of God. It was going to be a feast with the word! The matter of the Kingship was for “Tomorrow”, and Samuel said, “Dine with me today”.

Friend, If you truly desire to step into Royalty, dine with the Word! If you are desirous of a manifestation of a glorious destiny, listen to the Word of God, Study it, meditate on it and live it! Anyone who feasts on God’s Word is stronger than his troubles. Anyone who feeds on God’s Word is incubating earth-quaking miracles. Anyone who takes in God’s Word is taking in God!

Today, dine with God through his Word! What a privilege to sit at the table with our Maker! It shouldn’t be a religious sunday ritual. It should be a habit that your destiny truly depends on.

The Royalty of “Tomorrow” depends on the Word Feast of “Today”!

Again, Its an unmistakably remarkable privilege to sit at the table with the God of the whole earth. This happens only when His Word is involved!

Pray with me, “Lord, I choose to dine with you always through your Word”.

Enjoy a Blessed Sunday!

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Pastor Jerry Eze
Pastor Jerry Eze
He is the dynamic Founder and President of the fast-growing Streams of Joy Ministries. A seasoned Pastor and Leader, a consummate conference speaker and leadership coach. PJ is also the author and publisher of the bestselling Streams of Joy Daily Devotional. Find out more about him on

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  1. Thank you for confirming what I have come to believe in heart in recent times……There is something about reading God’s word, dining with Him….that just opens one up to more Power! real power….

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