Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Don’t Give Up!

Peter Gabriel’s hit track “don’t give up” was recently performed by jazz legend Herbie Hancock, and singers John Legend and P!nk. The lyrics of the song stand true today as they did when Peter wrote the song in 1986 due to his personal struggles in the face of the U.K’s economic hardships. While the verses were composed from the perspective of a man down on his luck, the chorus is sung by a loved one encouraging him to hold on.

Like Peter’s loved-one, we urge you on as well. Don’t give up on the struggle, because it is too early to accept defeat. Don’t give up because there are many who believe you stand the chance to make it good. Don’t give up because your family is counting on you. Don’t give up because your life has a purpose. Rest your head, you worry too much. It will get better. When times get rough, fall back on friends and family, but don’t give up. Indeed, there are no troubles to come, and no hardship that will pass by, that will stop the rivers of the earth from flowing. You’re not alone in your struggle, so there is no need to be ashamed. You’re alive, and that in itself is an achievement. Don’t give up no matter what you do!

Be rest assured that in the Creator’s grand scheme of affairs, you are not a loser, or a mediocre. However hard things may seem now, they can get better. Many others whom you see living the good life have been where you are. It may take ten (10) years of hard work or just one (1) night of fortune for the change to happen, but it won’t happen if you’re not in the race. Take comfort in the promise that your life’s efforts have been destined to achieve reward. Just do not give up, hang in there and persevere. It will surely get better, in time and by faith.

Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro is a young, fun-loving personality with a finger on the ever vibrant pulse of entertainment and current events. Blessed by the Father with an undeniable gift in the way of a talent with words and people; he is presently a Banker by day, and a Legend-in-the-making by night...

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