Thursday, March 23, 2023
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A Poem – Dreams and Reality

Dreams and reality

Dreams and Reality

Dreams and Reality
I’ve been here before
Yes! I have been here a while back
Everything is just as I left it
Only now it’s in my body reality
The colours are still the same
I chuckle as I spin round
Taking it all in… drinking deeply with my eyes.

Oh for the cheer delight of my excitement
The seed has been birthed
What was, now is
I’d carried you for so long
It had seemed what I saw
Would never ever be
Fulfilled is my word for today
For I’ve been here before
Yes! I have been here a while back.

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Oghale Otokunefor
Oghale Otokunefor
She is a Legal Practitioner by profession and She loves to write poetry, articles and short stories. She is a Nigerian. As a pastime she enjoys reading a lot, scribbling stuff, dancing, and listening to music. In addition, she enjoys learning about different cultures and languages.

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