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Economic Ideas Festival 2016 to be held in Lagos

The Young Professional Economist’s Network – YPEN has confirmed Lagos as the host city for this year’s Economic Ideas Festival which will be held from 1-2 December, 2016 under the theme ‘Engineering an African led growth’.

Being the second time the program is being organized, Economic Ideas Festival is helping to build the next generation of innovative thinkers to fulfill the dream of a transformed Africa. The program is structured to raise new minds to interrogate economic growth, as well as debate and discuss how it could ultimately lead to economic transformation and poverty reduction in Africa.

YPEN is a non-profit and an independent organization established to coordinate and train young professionals across the world to build a new economic paradigm which is relevant to the 21st century and beyond. The organization currently has chapters in 11 countries including in the UK, Canada and Russia.

The two day conference is set to attract 500 young professionals and business leaders aged between 18-35 years, and from over 15 countries across the African continent and some other parts of the world.

According to Mr. Paul Frimpong, who is the founder and chairman of YPEN

“In 2015, through our commitment to see a transformed Africa, we brought together over 290 young leaders to share ideas and discuss ways to promote economic growth and development on the African continent. These young professionals came from 9 different countries and regions of the world”.

He continued to say that

“We are very optimistic and enthusiastic about the growth momentum of Africa. We believe that a broader and respectful conversation is more nourishing than branded affronts hiding behind pretense —innovative and critical thinking is very urgently needed in this regard”

The 2 day conference will feature high level speakers who will speak on various topics including investing in Africa, global business, women, natural resources etc.

If you are a young leader in Africa, then this is the perfect conference to attend in 2016. To attend, register at or call YPEN on +233 303 96 5259


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