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Egyptian Mohammed Sohbi; A Thespian and a Humanitarian

Egyptian Mohammed Sohbi; A Thespian and Humanitarian

Famed Egyptian actor, Mohammed Sobhi, has created a legend for himself in the Egyptian Film Industry as a consequence of his stellar acting abilities, especially on stage. Born on 1 March, 1948, Mohammed was motivated by the cinemas and theatres of his era into developing his innate skills.

As a member of his school’s drama group, Mohammed was easily distinguished for his comedic prowess and powers of imitation. His path invariably led into the entertainment industry and he got a job on a Show ‘Sa’aa Lee Albak’, where he put his talents to good use by imitating various Egyptian celebrities.

A graduate of the Art of Theatre Institute, Mohammed was third time lucky when he was chosen to perform in the play ‘Hamlet’ for his finals; his performance was beyond reproach and further catapulted him into prominence.

He was offered tributary roles in several plays, where he was opportuned to perform besides renowned actors like Fouad El Mohandes and Mohamed Youssef. It has been said that his act never exceeded five minutes, but the audience always remembered those few minutes.

Years later, in 1975, Mohammed’s perseverance paid off and he was finally able to prove himself, when he took the lead role in the play ‘Entaha El Dars Ya Ghaby’, where he gave a stellar interpretation of his role as a mentally retarded patient. The production received rave reviews. Subsequently Mohammed bagged an important role in the film ‘El Karnak,’ alongside actress Soad Hosny. A political film, it was a milestone in his acting career as it depicted governmental corruption and decay.

Egyptian Mohammed Sohbi; A Thespian and Humanitarian

Top-notch acting, unrivaled humour packaged in impactful plays are the hallmarks of Mohammed Sohbi’s acting career. He also went behind the camera as a Director in several plays including ‘Bel Araby El Faseeh,’ which portrayed the conflict between Arab countries in the Middle East. He was instrumental to breaking in new actor/resses that have gone on to become forces to be reckoned with in the film industry such as Mona Zaky.

His filmography includes:

PLAYS: Hello Shalaby (Hello Shalaby), Al-Tha3lab (The Foxes), Entaha El-Dars Ya Ghabi (The Lesson is Over, Stupid), Hamlet (Hamlet), Ali-Beih Mazhar (Mr. Ali Mazhar), Enta Horr (You are free), El-Mahzooz (The unstable), El-Joker (The Joker), El-Hamagy (The Barbaric), Takhareef (Hallucinations), El-Baghbaghan (The Parrot), Weg’het Nazar (A Point of View), Bel-Araby El-Fasi7 (In Eloquent Arabic), Mama Amrica (Mother America), A’alat Wanees (The Wanees Family), Le’bet El-Set (A Woman’s Plaything), Sekket El-Salama 2000 (The Safe Way), and Carmen (Carmen).

Selected Films include Al Gareeh (The Injured), Ali Beih Mazhar (Mr. Ali Mazhar), Uncle Zizou Habibi (My beloved uncle Zizou), Houna Al-Quahira (Here Is Cairo), Al-Karnak (The Karnak), Al-Ameel Rakam 13 (Agent 13), and Al-Shyatana Alty Ahabatny (The Devil Who Loved Me).

His TV Series include Ali Beih Mazhar (Mr. Aly Mazhar), Rehlet el Melyoon (The Million [Egyptian ₤] Journey), Sonbol ba3d el Melyoon (Sumbul After the Million), Yomyat Wanees (Wanees’s Diaries) (7 Parts), Faris bila Gawad (Cavalier Without A Steed), Mal7 el Ard (Salt of the Earth), ‘Ayesh Fe Al Ghaibooba (Living In A Coma, Ana wa Ha’ola’ (Me And Those), and Ragol Ghany Faqeer Giddan (A very poor rich man).

Egyptian Mohammed Sohbi; A Thespian and Humanitarian

Following the Egyptian revolution, Mohammed turned from acting to humanitarian pursuits as he initiated a campaign aimed at rebuilding Egypt. The mission of the “A Billion Egyptian Pound” Campaign is to eradicate the slum districts of Egypt and build a bridge of communication between Egyptians living abroad and their homeland.

For this project, Mohammed and a few others won a prestigious award from Bahraini King Sheikh Issa bin Ali.

When success finally comes knocking, do use it for the greater good of your community; that’s the way of the truly  great; that’s the only way Africa will rise.

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