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FoodWise: Poytjiekos – South Africa’s traditional 3-legged meals

FoodWise Poytjiekos

Absolutely nothing is more traditional South African than a good potjiewith some awesome friends. So don’t wait a second longer and get those coals blazing, collect your friends and let’s get this potjie party started.

The South African Beef and veggie potjie is a traditional and timeless African dish, typically made in a 3 legged cast iron pot over a tranquil fire. This kind of food is essentially a stew; however it’s exactly how you prepare and cook the veggies, and just how you present them to your guest that makes it so appetizing. This traditional South African recipe is generally made with some kind of meat, but sometimes you will discover a vegetarian option.The Beef and Veggie Potjie is my preferred option when it comes to a poytjie. It is a very easy recipe given that it boils down to which vegetables are available and how you can combine the meat and veggies so they come out just perfect.The solitary most important guideline to remember when you make potjiekos is to allow your creativity, your wallet, and the state of your veggies and meat to combine in a wonderful partnership!

In regards to the veggies that you use for the potjie, I would certainly try to keep in mind that you require something from each of these groups: aromatics to pull the entire recipe together, such as red onions, garlic, or for those that try to avoid these kind of veggies, celery and peppers; starchy and very firm vegetables that will stand-up to being at the bottom of the poytjie, as they will definitely be in the pot for the longest time; or some sweet vegetables like pumpkin or sweet potatoes.Vegetables that will certainly release a great deal of water, and flavour to the broth like mushrooms and tomatoes; but again it all depends on your personal taste

I find that this is a very meditative thoughtful recipe. Cutting the veggies, layering them, considering where each of them go into the pot and how they will interact with each other — all these procedures make you extremely aware of the food that you are preparing and consuming. I really think that the South African potjie is a very caring meal.

South African traditional Potjiekos is beyond tasty! The very best part, in my point of view, is the phenomenal sauce that pools in the bottom of the pot. It is the essence of the veggies and meat that you have used, and does not require any seasoning. All I can say, It is simply sublime.


How to make a Veg and Meat Potjie

Active ingredients

1 kilogram cubed cooking beef
1 beef cubed kidney
125 ml dried apricots that has been soaking in water for an hour
2 sliced up onions
2 sweet potatoes, peeled off and cut
4 carrots, peeled off and sliced
4 average potatoes, peeled and halved
6 sliced baby marrows
250 ml cut up cabbage
30 ml dried parsley

1 tomato that has been peeled and sliced
30 ml of cooking oil
A bit of black pepper

Potjie Sauce

125 ml sweet sherry
125 ml soya dressing sauce
3 ml dry mustard
5 ml black pepper
1 ml dry rosemary
1 ml dry thyme
1 cube beef stock
500 ml boiling hot water

Cooking method

Heat the oil in the bottom of the pot and cook the meat and kidney till practically brownish in colour.
Add the cut up onions
Mix all the components of the sauce and place it inside the pot.
Stir well, place the cover on the pot and let it simmer for 1.5 hrs.
Layer the dried fruit and afterwards the veggies.
Remember to sprinkle the black pepper over the tomatoes.
Once again cover the lid and permit the pojie to simmer for approximately 2 hrs

When it ready, serve it and appreciate this remarkably tasty South African meal. This South African dish ought to be served with some delicious white rice, the rice on the bottom of the plate and the potjie meat and veggies on top. If you do have some leftovers, even though we doubt it, you can blend the potjie concoction in a blender for vegetable soup that is even more delicious.

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