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A Konnect Africa Interview with the Inspiring Frances Okoro; Author of ’10 Steps to Walking in Purpose.’

Would you believe that this is the last day of the month of February? Only yesterday we said our ‘Happy New Years’ and today, two months are done!

Our #InterviewMonday features the very inspiring tale of Frances Okoro, a lawyer and the author of ’10 Steps to Walking in Purpose.’

Frances’ writing is influenced by the need to transform lives with her words and to give hope to those who feel worthless and she does this by sharing her very profound story.

You should read this interview… and you should read the book too!

Have an awesome, hope-filled week ahead!


KA: Welcome to Konnect Africa! If you weren’t a writer, what else would you be doing?

Maybe I would be a world traveler… traveling the world and taking lots of pictures. But I am already an aspiring traveler so it all falls back to being a writer.

KA: Let’s get up, close and personal; Give us a bit of history and ethnicity.

My name is Frances Okoro, I am a young lady in her twenties from Isoko tribe in Delta State, Nigeria.

KA:  Education; Where and what did you study? Did you have to take any additional classes to hone your writing?

I studied law in the University, went to law school and did the whole nine yards of being called to the bar.

I haven’t taken any additional classes to hone my writing skills yet but would hopefully do so soon.

KA: Did you or your folks ever imagine you would become a writer?

Well, my Dad was aware when I started my blog at

So I would say that he might have foreseen that things would move along from there. But I sincerely don’t think that he would have thought that it would be something I would be fully immersed in.

KA: What are your influences as a writer? What influences your writing?

I am influenced by the need to transform lives with the word in me.

For just one soul to be changed with the words God has given me.

KA: Kindly give a sneak peek into your new book.

My new book “10 Steps To Walking In Purpose” was written in a bid to awake people to the fact that God has created them with a unique niche to fulfill on earth.

I also felt the need to give hope to those who feel like they are dirt and can’t possibly be used by God for anything great… I did this by sharing my story of how I was a mess, trailed by bad choices and had even committed two abortions before I found God. Still He used and still uses me and can use anyone too.

It’s basically a book that answers the question in the hearts of men and leads people to climb the steps that point them towards what God has for them to fulfill on earth.


KA: What were the challenges you encountered whilst writing and publishing the book?

I had challenges ranging from fear of not having enough finance to fear of how people would receive the book.

It was also tough inviting people for my book launch as it was launched in a place where I literally knew no one (it was launched at the state where I served during NYSC).

But still they were challenges that toughened up my faith in God and His word and I won’t trade them for anything.

KA: Do you see yourself as a ‘genre specific’ author?

Not really.

Those who read my first two books are basically surprised when I tell them that my next upcoming book is on “How to make a difference with your NYSC year.”

I basically write books that inspire people to do more and be more with the God factor as my focus.

KA: Who are your favorite authors and what books have made the most impact on you?

I really don’t have favorite authors… or maybe Francine Rivers, Kenneth Hagin, Joyce Meyer and Karen Kingsbury.

I just love books that last for decades and still impact lives in great ways.

KA: Have you ever received a negative review of your book? What did you do about it?

I would say that the moment of rejection I encountered was turned to joy.

I sent my book to be sold at a Church bookshop and it was rejected‎ as “not suitable”.

I quickly gifted the book to a member of that same Church and she called me with words of praises for the book… saying that she had told her colleagues about it and is challenged to do more in her own life.

So what’s the saying?

One man’s meat is another man’s poison right?

That wasn’t really rejection per se to me.

KA: How do you prod yourself to write on those awful days when it just seems so hard?

I remember that lives need the words in me and I also wouldn’t want to be that servant who buried her talent and so I push forward to stepping into the greatness that using my gift can give to me.

KA: You are at a Writers Workshop; what do you tell the eager listeners who seek to better their skills?

Write, write and write.

Believe me, it gets better as you do so.

Don’t think about what it looks like, just write and hone your skills as you do so.

KA: What’s the best perk of being a writer?

It would have to be getting mails and even real life moments from people who just come to me to say my ‎blog/books has been amazing.

I literally lift hands in worship to God when people say that my words came at the exact moment when they needed it.

Lives transformed and changed was and is still my most rewarding moment in this journey of using my gift of writing for God.

KA: Do you believe that writers can change the world?

Yes, yes, yes we can!

KA: Where can your books be purchased, online and offline?

You can get my FREE ebook “Chastity for Men” with an exclusive chapter for the ladies) HERE

And purchase my new book “10 Steps To Walking In purpose” HERE 

Also you can get my book from The King’s Court Bookshop, 3 Keystone Bank Crescent, Off Adeyemo Alakija Street, Lagos. It is also available in other bookshops in Nigeria.

KA: Africa will rise when?

When we step out of being selfish and start impacting lives positively with the light in us.

KA: Inspire an aspiring African writer in one sentence…

Don’t kill your dream, write those words, lives need to read/hear them.

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
5 Things You Didn't Know About Jennifer in 2015: 1. Her newest collection of short stories, 'The Curious Case of the Small Pikin & Other Stories' is available on 2. She ported from Blogger to WordPress and shares her uncensored thoughts on 3. She is an aspiring Filmmaker & Talk-show Host[ess] 4. She's a mother of two, wife of one and daughter of God. 5. She plans to travel around the world in less than 80 days... Now you Know! Find me on Twitter: @jennynkem

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