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US. Army Sgt. Francis Aduoffei – Impacting Ghana from a Foreign Land

This post was sent in by Joshua Gyasi from Ghana. He writes about a Ghanaian-born soldier in the US Army who is empowering Ghanaians back home. Read on…

US. Army Sgt. Francis AduoffeiArmy Sgt. 1st Class Francis Aduoffei is no ordinary man. For most Africans in the diaspora, going overseas is assumed the end of their woes and a chance to live free of the burdens of family and friends.

Only very few look back to the affairs of the forgotten back home and the founder of the Ceciyaa Foundation is one of such rare men in Africa.

From humble beginnings in a poverty-stricken town in Ashanti, Ghana, West Africa, Mr. Aduoffei knows how it feels to wake up in the morning on an empty stomach.

Ceciyaa FoundationHis vision is to feed the people, something he feels is the right of every Ghanaian. From his experiences as he travels the world (especially his time in Iraq), He believes that poverty is just the absence of hope.

What started as a yearly shipment of a loaded container to Ghana has now grown into a-faceted Foundation, all aimed at the betterment of humanity. The Ceciyaa Foundation also runs a campaign project called the Ghana for Ghana Mission.

Ceciyaa Foundation 2

This mission seeks to manage the resources of Ghana and Ghanaians, and give back to the people. The spirit of separating hunger from poverty has always been the framework of the Ceciyaa Foundation.

From fish farming, egg production, corn plantations, sewing contracts, batiks, baking projects, tom brown production and yam production, the Mission is truly up and running.

The Foundation employs Ghanaians to support Ghanaians, one tuber of yam at a time. This has ensured that the masses are being fed.

Ceciyaa Foundation

There are thousands across Africa, millions who are underfed. There are so many people in need of a helping hand, a smile, a glimmer of hope etc. Ceciyaa Foundation seeks to meet these needs as much as possible, starting from Ghana.

The Foundation does not just donate to people in need. The mission also empowers them to be donors. When lives are empowered, when knowledge is imparted and skills are developed in people who otherwise had no hope, then the world becomes better.

Ceciyaa Foundation

The choice of the lives the foundation seeks to impact are more of people who can continue doing what is started in them by being hopeful and reaching out to others one life at a time. This is the vision, to preach, impart and transfer hope to the hopeless!!!

Other initiatives by the mission include donations to schools, renovation works at clinics, and girl empowerment among several others already in place. Despite several hiccups in the way, the Foundation expands by the day, with more hands joining in and reaching out to the people of Ghana.

Ceciyaa Foundation

Humanity demands that we give up something no matter how small it may be or what our beliefs might be, and make a difference in our world. Though Mr. Francis Aduoffei is several miles from home, He is a nation builder who deserves to be commended and emulated.

For more details on the Ceciyaa Foundation, visit www.ceciyaafoundation.org.   Join the cause!

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Tel: +1-940-642-1367
Email: info@ceciyaafoundation.org
Email: francis@ceciyaafoundation.org
Email: felicia@ceciyaafoundation.org

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