Wednesday, May 24, 2023
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Uduak Ubak’s Blog: My Fuel Scarcity Blues


It’s the start of another weekend and I’ve got my long to-do list that had nothing to do with queuing at the petrol station but then again, fuel scarcity just happens without prior notice.

As I take my place in the long queue guessing that my car will probably be the 30th in line; I decide to observe my surroundings (I did not really have much choice anyway).

As usual, the cry for passengers by the bus conductors filled the atmosphere, hawkers lined up taking advantage of the long fuel queues to sell their products and Yes! All this was happening in the hot dry season sun. I know this is probably “summer time” but in Nigeria we have two main seasons, the dry and the rainy seasons. I’ll give more insight into Nigeria and its seasons another time.

Suddenly, cars start dispersing, an announcement on radio trickles through about tanker drivers calling off their strike, thus implying an abundance of petroleum products in the country.

More news expresses the fact that government has made provision to start refining crude products in Nigeria which will bring about low cost of petroleum products. I thought I heard also that all generator importation would soon be something of the past as power supply would be constant all over the country.

As I was about to jump in jubilation, I was awoken by the blaring of the horn and “Madam, you better sell your car and buy a driver!”.

It was coming from the bus conductor in the bus behind me. Simply put, I needed a driver more than I needed the car.

You never get used to such insults but you just have to admire the use of words. This just shows that they do think. I realized that I was day dreaming about the Nigeria of my dreams. A Nigeria where things work and the citizens are treated with respect. A Nigeria we can all be proud of!

So as I drove to take my 28th position on the queue, I realized that I might not be able to fulfill all the things on my to-do list but I could dream, I could hope and just maybe if I do long enough, I’ll see the Nigeria of my dream.

What would the Nigeria (or the country) of your dream look like? Please do share!

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