Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Uduak Ubak’s Blog: It’s Great to be Alive


It’s September and a new month at that.

As usual, lots of SMS messages and phone calls came through with new month messages, wishing me lovely things this new month. I still don’t know where or how this tradition started; this celebration of a new month.

As far as I remember, we used to celebrate Christmas & a New year, where December to January is tagged the holiday season. Then, seeing a New Year was like some big achievements especially on New Year day when the fireworks go off (some call it bangers) with the attendant loud ‘happy New Year’ cries everywhere plus hugs.

These days, every month is celebrated. At first, it was confusing and a bit annoying especially when the messages came as a general text message or a broadcast message.

But slowly, I have come to understand the importance of celebrating each month. It’s mainly connected with the fact that in recent times, the life expectancy of man has greatly reduced, more so in my dear country. With the recent bombings going on around some parts of the country, and the fact that it happens so unexpectedly, no one knows what will happen next.

I’m reminded of a story about a twenty something year old lady who slumped just after having breakfast. Before she could be rushed to the hospital, she was declared dead. I understand all she had on her agenda that day was to go submit some application for a job. It was a sad story.

In the past, such was associated with old age. Then, people generally assumed that probably the body was tired from living for so long, hence the sudden collapse. If it happened to a young person, then the oracle definitely had to be sought. Now, things have changed.

I read a newspaper report of the Nigerian naval plane that crashed recently killing all those on board and the writer sited recent air crashes that had happened here in Nigeria and around the world. All these really emphasize how ephemeral life can be.

I believe every day God gives to us is worth celebrating. So I join to say I wish you a fabulous September and may this month be filled with lots of joyful laughter for you and yours.

Do have a great month.

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