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Ten Reasons Why You Should Become An Internet Entrepreneur

Ten Reasons Why You Should Become An Internet EntrepreneurI bless the day I came across a post saying I could become an internet entrepreneur if I was smart enough. I became inspired by online businesses after reading that post and now, I’m a full-time internet entrepreneur, with no regrets.

If you’re not convinced to become an internet entrepreneur or considering whether to become one, this post is for you.

Have you ever thought of a business where you could choose when you work, where you work, and who you work with? This is exactly what the internet business is.

These reasons below are why I am happy to be internet entrepreneur and why you should consider becoming one too.

  1. You Are Your Own Boss

Yes, you are your own boss when you become an internet entrepreneur. No one gets to tell you what to do and how to do it. No one gets to yell at you for coming late to the office.

In this business, I get to make my own rules and choose when I work. I am happy when I sleep late at night because I know I don’t have anywhere to gothe next morning if I wake up late.

If you have always dreamt of taking charge of your time and still making money, then starting an internet business is your exit strategy.

  1. You Get to Work in Your Pajamas

With the internet, you don’t need to wake up early to take a bath and get dressed. You can work right from your bed with your pajamas.

Most times, I don’t even get out of the bed until I have done something that puts money in my bank account because my laptop is always by my side. This is how I start my day!

  1. Low Capital Startup Cost

You can start an online business with as low as $50. Some online business doesn’t even require up to that amount. Some are even free to start.

Unlike a brick and mortar business where you will be required to rent a store, acquire the products that you will be selling or buy equipment for the business, and may end up spending up to 5 figures without certainty that the business will be successful, these risks can be avoided with an internet business.

With an internet business, you spend less than $100 in acquiring domain name and hosting and the rest is history.

  1. All you Need is a Laptop and an Internet Connection

For a regular business, you will need more than just a computer. But for an online business, that is all that you need.

You can work from a coffee shop, from the beach, while you are traveling, on the train, anywhere. You don’t need a permanent office to work as an internet entrepreneur.

  1. Sell Worldwide

With the web, you can sell your products or services to anyone in the world as long as you can reach the person via the internet. You don’t need to travel to make deals, you do that with either your smart phone with internet connection or laptop.

I have done business with people from as far as Namibia, Indonesia, Malawi, Gambia and many other countries.

  1. Your Earning is on Autopilot

As an internet entrepreneur, you get to make money even while you are sleeping. You can be sleeping and you wake up to see that someone has bought one of your online product or has registered for one of your paid course.

Autopilot software has made our business so easy that we don’t have to always stay glue to our system to get paid. This idea of making money while you sleep should be a motivating factor why you should join the league.

  1. You Must Not Have Your Own Products

There is an internet business called, ‘Affiliate Marketing’. With this kind of business, you don’t need to spend time creating your own products, you just choose a product that you like from a niche you love and sell it.

You get paid a commission from every sale you make. You can become an affiliate to Amazon, eBay, Clickbank and sell any product with good commission.

  1. No Income Limit

There is no limit to how much you can make as an internet entrepreneur. You get to pick how much you want to make monthly as your target and work towards it.

  1. More Free Time

I have a friend who is always hard to find because he is always at work till 8p.m, Monday to Friday. I never loved this lifestyle from the beginning. I never loved someone telling me where to be because I depend on that instruction to get paid.

I have always cherished my time. I have always wanted to be available to spend time with old school friends and family members when I wish. Thank God, my online business makes it possible for me.

  1. You Get to Create Jobs

You think becoming an internet entrepreneur means you have to work, work, work, work, work *in Rihanna’s voice*? That only happens at the early stage of the business. As your business becomes successful, you start outsourcing some work to freelancers.

Google started with only two people but today, it has over 30,000 employees. What would those people be doing if Google had not employed them?

I personally have a team of freelance writers that help me execute some writing assignments while I spend time marketing my services to get more clients. With my online business, I have been able to empower people by creating jobs for them.


Okon Joseph is a freelance writer well known for his unique, engaging and traffic generating content. He is also a passionate online entrepreneur and the founder of Weebo Media.

Join his FREE Sales Room where he teaches small business owners and freelancers how to sell their products and services using the web and social media.

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