Friday, June 2, 2023
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Leke Alder – Letter to Jack: How To Be A Cool Dude Part 2

Leke Alder
Hello Africa,

I really don’t know why some guys just love to pretend/impress, particularly when there is a lady in the equation or where their male friends are in the picture.

In today’s Letter to Jack, Uncle Leke tries to enlighten Jack on why he needs to be himself and what practical steps he can take to obtain true street credibility. Indeed, street cred has levels. Read on….

I just love Tweet No 64. “Solomon’s father was a rapper by the way. He was a lyricist-composer. Well over 100 songs” I had never seen it this way before. I am learning. I don’t know about you.


p.s. Did you miss “How to be a Cool Dude – Part 1?” Click here

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