Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Leke Alder – Letter to Jil: Are You Feeling Rushed Into Marriage?

Leke-Alder Are You Feeling Rushed Into Marriage

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

It’s Leke Alder again and today, Jil is in a dilemma. She is about to get married to a much older man, who she is not attracted to. She just feels she is rushed into matrimony with someone she doesn’t particularly love.

Read this Letter to Jil as Leke Alder steps in to provide his usual profound insights on this issue and lead Jil on her way to making the right decision. Read on….

What did you learn from this Letter? For me, I learnt my life is mine to live and I live with the consequences of the decisions I make. Me! Not another. So, what did you learn?


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