Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Leke Alder – Letter to Jil: What to Consider When Choosing A Husband From Your Options

What to consider when choosing an husband from your options.Leke-Alder what to consider when choosing an husband from your options

I bring you warm greetings today,

Hope you are doing great.

Today, Jil is in a fix. She is confused. She doesn’t know which of her two boyfriends she should marry. She has dated one of them for  while and he is very interested in marrying her. However, she knows in her hearts of heart that she doesn’t love him. The other Guy is smooth, has sweet words, but no ambition in life, no focus, no drive.

Today, Leke Alder makes a fair attempt at giving Jil some perspectives on the issue and that is what I serving you today. Read on because You will learn, unlearn or relearn. Cheers.

Think through the issues raised and make the necessary adjustments. Time is running out.


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