Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Leke Alder – Letter to Jil : You Cheated on Him

You Cheated on HimRelationshipsHi Jack and Jil,

Last week, I shared with you some amazing Letters from the highly intelligent and very cerebral Leke Alder. He called them Letter to Jack and Letter to Jil.

I actual thought they was one-off, but I was wrong. They are actually a weekly series He has been doing since February this year, and of course, last weekend was not an exception.

He dropped some thoughts for all of us to think about. So today, It’s my singular honour and privilege to bring to you another edition of Leke Alder’s Letter to Jil. This one is titled – You cheated on Him.

Did you learn something new? Are the one He was talking to? Share your thoughts and let us discuss.


N.B. In response to various demands, Leke Alder has created a bigger and limitless platform called where the hot conversations on these tweets can continue. While the site is in development, He is inviting you to pre-register. Registered members will get advance postings of Letter to Jack and Letter to Jil before everyone else.

Since the launch of the website is still 51 days away, I will continue to share Leke Alder’s letters with you over the next few weeks and will discontinue them when the website is formally launched. So hurry and register.


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