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Make-Up Essentials with Tina

Whether you are a makeup novice or expert, I have compiled a list of my favourite 12 makeup must-haves in a lady’s handy bag; it’s a collection of essential tools and makeup items.

1. Primer

A primer minimizes pores and creates a smooth base perfect for the rest of your makeup application. This is a step you can skip if your skin is naturally flawless, but if you have any imperfections, it’s a fabulous product that will make your skin look amazing.

Make-Up Essentials with Tina

2. Foundation

Get the best foundation that suits your skin colour; the best way to find out is to test a little along your jawline, if it blends in well without any noticeable difference, it’s the right foundation for you. A suitable foundation should not be darker or lighter than your skin tone. If you have acne or dark spots, you can apply concealer first.

3. Blush or Bronzer

I consider blush to be a non-negotiable makeup item. A swipe of colour on your cheeks is natural and creates a healthy glow. If your skin is naturally more tan, a bronzer may look more natural than blush. For fair skin, it also gives you a sun-kissed look. It’s best to apply bronzer (with a large, fluffy brush) where the sun naturally hits your face – a curved “C” shape on each side of your face from your forehead to your cheek bone and just a dab on your nose or on the T-zone; forehead down your nose area.

makeup mas

4. Mascara

A black or dark brown quality mascara is essential for an everyday look. It’s the quickest way to make your eyes pop.

5. Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be applied in many ways to define your eyes. A classic black shade is a necessity; you can also consider blue or green shades; it makes your eyes wider making you look more awake.

6. Brow Pencil

Unless you’re blessed with dark, perfectly even eyebrows, you should seriously consider adding a brow pencil to your makeup collection. Brow liners can be used to define and fill-in sparse eyebrows if you accidentally over-pluck them. A defined eyebrow is necessary for anchoring a smokey-eye look and accentuates the natural features of your face.

7. Eye shadow

For your basic makeup collection, it’s a good idea to have some different eye shadow shades. Natural shades of  brown, gold and different colours for everyday and fashion looks. Try out different complementary shades to highlight and define your eyes.

makeup powder

8. Powder

Invest in quality powder and apply with powder brush (not synthetic); powder makes your face look smoother; it also adds a matte effect to an oily skin. After applying makeup, during the day, the only touch up you may need to do is just to apply powder again to retain a fresh look.

9. Lip Gloss or Lipstick

Glosses are the clear winner over lipsticks especially for busy people or students. They have a sheer, natural look and are so much easier to apply than a lipstick. A swipe of gloss is the perfect finishing touch for any look. For longer-lasting wear, you might opt instead for a lipstick which will last all day without touch-ups.

10. Brushes

It’s easiest and most cost-effective to stock up on brushes all at once by purchasing a brush set. Look for a set with a large powder brush, a slightly smaller brush for contouring and several brushes for shadow, lipstick and liner application. It’s a good idea to invest in some quality brushes, because as long as you clean them regularly, they will last you a long time. If you’re not convinced, try applying some shadow with a cheap quality brush then again with one of higher quality – you will see an obvious difference.

makeup tweezers

11. Tweezers or a Sharp Razor Blade

Great for shaping and defining the eyebrows; you don’t want them bushy bald.

12. Q-tips(commonly known as cotton buds)

These are great for smudging eyeliner, removing excess makeup and soaking in makeup remover for quick touch ups. Even better? They’re super inexpensive.

Now… Store it!

Now that you’ve got this starter set of makeup, you need a place to store it. Get rubber bands to hold your tools, brushes and other similar items together. I recommend our ankara makeup purses which are lined inside with an easy-to-clean fabric; it doesn’t take too much space and is perfect for travelling.

 makeup purse

Christina Adegbaju
Christina Adegbaju
She is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Event Planner, Beauty and Crafts Enthusiast and Blogger. Her passion lies in Events Management and Beauty Services. She is an ardent lover of beauty and charm, and is drawn to a Service that provides people with the ability to express themselves in their style. She manages an Events Management outfit that specializes in the core areas: event planning, beauty and skin care consult, ushering service, training and consultancy, and caters for social and corporate events. She loves traveling and learning new methods.

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