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Introducing the “Beautiful Parenting in Africa” Series – By Meme Boham

Meme BohamHi,

My name is Meme Boham. I am an over 30-year old mother, wife and teacher.

Education and childcare found me in 2006 after I read a profound book titled, ‘Maria Montessori – her life and works’ by E.M Standing. I couldn’t believe what I was reading and so I went to study Montessori Education to experience it first hand; that was when I began to see myself as a Childcare Scientist (cheesy I know).

For me, the discovery of the child’s potential is a science; the things they learn with little or no assistance is tremendous and when I see a child, I am excited about the potential they have if given the right response. In every school I have worked in, I have tried to educate the adults of the great responsibility we have towards the child and this has been my mission since. I however realised that in the schools where I work, I could reach out to the parents there, so to reach to a wider audience, I began writing.

After studying Montessori, Childcare as well as Education, and having worked in education since 2006, I still consider myself a novice. I learn everyday and as I learn, I like to share.

On this platform, I will sharing my perspectives with Africa. I hope that the readers will get information on parenting, ideas on what to do with your child, interesting stories and personal experience that will encourage, enlighten and most of all, I hope you will have fun while doing this. Enjoy the read and welcome on board.

It’s 2015 and I look forward to a great future with Konnect Africa 🙂

Do well to drop a line in the comments section below if you have any questions, insights or if you just want to say, hi.


p.s. Here is the link to my first article  Read and share your thoughts. Thank you.

Meme Boham
Meme Boham
Wife, Mother, Childcare Scientist, Montessori Educationist and Leader. Meme Boham is a Passionate Teacher who is excited about the discovery of the potential in children when given the right response. She consults for parents, childcare workers and schools across Nigeria.

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