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Oladipupo Fola’s Blog: Does Fate Give Everyone an Equal Chance?

Oladipupo Fola's Blog fateIt is funny sometimes how events turn out, sometimes predictable and other times totally unpredictable.

The turnout of any event will depend and rely on the associated factors that can influence the initial substances.

Naturally, the assumption is that anything can happen. But the truth is that things don’t just happen, reactions are always triggered by a force that will force it into motion and cause it to evolve.

From the beginning of earth’s evolution to the extinction of the dinosaurs, from the B.C era to A.D era, from the industrial revolution to the information revolution, it has always been from one phase to the other or to a newer phase.

The title of this article has words that we can also relate with phases, I mean the EQUAL, the CHANCE and The FATE.

  1. Equals means one can be the same as another
  2. Chance has the probability of more than one option
  3. Fate can result into BAD or GOOD fate.

Do you believe in FATE?

From where I am from, we accepted fate as the life predetermining factor where whatever life throws at us is what we accept. We take it as our fate as we have conditioned our mind to these beliefs.

The veracity of fate has been handed over to us from generations to generations, whereby we believe what we were told or accept what was said to be true and religiously believe it, then proclaim it.

But at some point, the authenticity of some of these beliefs are based on unproved facts, which have been left unchallenged for generations and have become a part of our culture. This at times determines whether we are successful or a failure, whether we are happy or sad.

The question is this, is it anyone’s fate to be successful or to be a failure?

The answer to this question lies within us as individuals, and we might have given the answer YES or NO,  without even reading the remaining parts of this article.

Well, from my perspective I would say that there is an equal chance of fate for anyone to be successful or fail.

In the context of using success and failure against any situation, before we can conclude that something is successful or failed, it would have produced the desired result.

This is something that fate did not offer to us, as what it offers us is to unconsciously believe that, things are in the best way it can be or this is the only option available.

Now let us critically look at the influence of Fate in our lives; it can be empowering or disempowering.

There are things that will happen because of fate and there were things that fate will not make happen.

Some of the challenges we face can be as a result of our belief in fate, whereby we totally submit ourselves to the assumption to accept what fate offers to us.

The equal chance of fate is that as much as it offers us good and bad tidings, have we ever taken time out to challenge it?  Whether the good tidings is good enough or it can be better!!!.

Also have we challenged the bad tidings that fate offers us too, to check even if it realistic or its still compliant with the new world?

The equal chance of fate offers us to understand that as good as fate can offer us is also as bad as fate can offer us.

Now the equal chance of fate will assist us to challenge ourselves on things that we have left to fate, it will prompt us to think otherwise and open a new chapter for new things to start happening in our life.

As I said earlier, things don’t just happen, it has to be triggered before it will evolve.

Fate will remain a part of our lives and it will continue into the future, where the result of fate in the future is the result of the triggered change we do today.

Fate can be challenged, and I mean it. All we have to do is to be equipped with the experience and perseverance to turn it around.

By challenging some of the challenges we face, we would create an atmosphere where we can reconsider what we have accepted as “can’t be possible” with the mindset that say “what if”. And what if will open up the possibility of getting a whole different result.

This new result is evident that the fate has equal chance of affecting our life positively or negatively.

I hope this article will inspire someone to take their fate into their own hands.

Oladipupo Fola is an IT Professional and an Author who desires to give back by providing valuable information on real life issues, personal development, business development, and Information Technology.

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Contributing Writer
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