Monday, June 5, 2023
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Osoro’s Nuggets- Thankful Determination

Thankful Determination

For sure we’ve spared a thought for where we’ll be when the clocks tick for the start of a New Year. Perhaps you  shared those final seconds of 2012 with family and friends at a New Year’s party somewhere in town, or at the City Centre counting down the hours. The spiritual lot may have been in prayer, seeking out their “salvation” and working on their “destinies”. Wherever the New Year found you, I hope it met you with great purpose.

On the last day of a year ended, we must gather up all that we have within us in determination that 2013 will not meet and leave us the same. Make up your mind to have 2013 be different, bigger and better. Be determined not to give up on making this the best year you have ever had.


That said, we must enter 2013 in sober reflection and deep gratitude. So here I go: I’m thankful for the countless headaches I had that didn’t turn out to be a brain tumor. I’m thankful for my friends, who though may act the fool every now and again, have given me more than enough reasons to smile; a 2012 without them would have been unimaginable. I’m thankful for family, with whom I have endless arguments over silly issues, but who still haven’t figured out what to do with me, and love me all the more. I’m thankful for a job, that isn’t perfect, but pays the bills (or some of it), and gives an interesting day everyday, which makes for interesting conversations with friends. I am thankful for ; its readers and the countless reasons to believe that Africa is a land filled with potential.


2012 wasn’t perfect, but truth be told I wouldn’t trade last year for anything. Go into the New Year with determination to make it better, and gratitude for all that has been. For the gift of life, of small steps of progress, and of freedom of speech and thought, we must be grateful. Wake up, open up your eyes and see; the future can only get better. So wherever the New Year found you, we’re wishing you a year that supersedes your every expectation. Our nugget wishes you a wonderful year 2013.



P.S: Happy New Year!!!


Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro is a young, fun-loving personality with a finger on the ever vibrant pulse of entertainment and current events. Blessed by the Father with an undeniable gift in the way of a talent with words and people; he is presently a Banker by day, and a Legend-in-the-making by night...

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