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Patricia Amira is one of Africa’s Top 40 Most Powerful Media Personalities


After you are gone, what will you be remembered for?

Everyone will not be a freedom fighter or a world leader like Madiba; everyone will not be a bestselling author like Chinua Achebe; you may not even found a faith-based Media Company like Paul Crouch or be a terrific actor like America’s Paul Walker, and you should not try to be anybody else or fit into shoes that were not built for you to wear.

Just be the best you that you can be, and like Mandela, leave a legacy that posterity will be proud to associate with.

Today, another African woman builds a legacy.

My twitter handle lists me as a media-mogul-in-the-making and it is always an enlightening experience to encounter albeit online, already-made-media-moguls like Mo Abudu, Julie Gichuru and the star of my present dissertation, Patricia Amira.

Patricia Amira

From Nairobi, Kenya, Patricia Amira is a renowned media magnate with a flourishing career in radio, television & live-event hosting.

She is a Director of MandalaTV Ltd., an emerging pan-African television production company and the creator of her very own MNet syndicated eponymous talk-show, ‘The Patricia Show’.

The Show focuses on indigenous achievements and human interest stories across Africa and is broadcast across the African continent and viewed in the United Kingdom via Sky’s The Africa Channel and on the Dish digital network in the United States amongst other regions.


Patricia’s skills as a dynamic Master of Ceremonies and Moderator both in and outside Kenya has secured her an impressive, selective clientele which includes Standard Chartered Bank, United Nations Environment Program [UNEP], Safaricom, World Agro-forestry Centre, KPMG-consulting giants,and United Nations Development Program [UNDP].

She was the moderator of a high-level panel of dignitaries and experts in Addis Ababa, at the Technical Centre for Agricultural & Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) annual meeting in 2012, Host of The African Leadership Network’s 3 day annual conference in Oct 2011 as well as moderating the very first Africa symposium for the Grassroots Advocacy Organization, ONE, in Johannesburg, South Africa, and most recently, the ICT for Agriculture 2013 Symposium.

Patricia Amira

Thought to be one of Kenya’s highest achieving women, Patricia was chosen besides Her Excellency Joyce Banda, Africa’s third ever female President, stateswoman Graca Machel, wife of the late Nelson Mandela and Toyin Saraki of the Wellbeing Foundation as Keynote Speakers at the Women, Inspiration and Enterprise (WIE) Conference which held in Cape Town, South Africa in May, 2013.

One of Forbes Africa ‘Top 40 most Powerful Media Personalities’ for 2011, Patricia is of the opinion that the African woman is on the right path.

Are you made or in the making? Don’t forget, it’s all in the legacy.

RIP Mandela
RIP Mandela
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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