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PR: Centenary edition of Malcolm Tagbarha’s,”Nigerian Passport to Greatness” is officially out!

Centenary edition of Malcolm

Malcolm TAGBARHA, a Certified National Legislative Policy Advocate is one of Nigeria’s foremost Leadership and Brand strategists, inspirational writers, Speakers and Authors with a passion to serve God, his country and mankind.

He is an Entrepreneur and the Founding Executive Director at Inspired Vision Group, a conglomerate that empowers, inspires and builds individuals, organizations and nations through the transformation of their visions into reality thereby building better societies and thus become global brands.

He was a Personal Assistant to two former members of the Federal House of Representatives of the fifth and sixth Republics respectively. As an emerging Inspirational Speaker, Business, Leadership and National Development strategist, Malcolm TAGBARHA has honoured several invitations to speak at local and International meetings.

Malcolm is a LEAP Africa alumni and the brain behind “RE-VALUE-TION” a national secondary schools programme that aims to transform the mindset of the Nigerian Youth towards empowering them and thus build a GREATER Nigeria. He is the initiator of the BRAND Y.O.U – Y(our) O(wn) U(niqueness) philosophy.

Ask Malcolm what he lives for and he will answer “my mission is to serve my God, my country and mankind”.

In 2010, Malcolm was selected and sponsored alongside other 40 young Nigerians to participate in the first-ever emerging youth forum of the National Economic Summit Group (NESG) in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Malcolm TAGBARHA’S accomplishments has regularly commanded frequent attention of the media and he has been profiled and interviewed by the Sun Newspapers, Nigerian Television Authority (N.T.A’s Am Express), Premium Times, I.T.V Benin as well as Crowther FM Abuja. He lives in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory. He has written several articles published in national newspapers in Nigeria promoting the “Nigerian Dream”. He is a guest columnist of People’s Daily Newspapers and Summit Newspapers respectively.

Passport Cover.

Malcolm TAGBARHA is the author of the national best seller, “Nigerian Passport to Greatness”, a book written to inspire and empower Nigerians to discover their potentials and thus build a better Nigerian in the next 50 years with a message for Nigerians  all over the world to-live , learn, leave legacy, and ultimately achieve GREATNESS instead of survival.

The book is endorsed and recommended by the National Orientation Agency (N.O.A) and the Federal Ministry of Youth Development respectively for distribution to inspire and empower Nigerians all over the world. His experience as a Personal Assistant to two members of the Federal House of Representatives of the fifth and sixth Republic respectively enabled him to interface regularly with Political Leaders at all levels of governance thereby obtaining an in-depth knowledge on the minutiae of leadership thus identifying missing vital ingredients in Political Leadership that birth his second book titled, “POWER to SERVE: How to Become a Successful Political Leader- A guide for the Youth, with foreword written by his Excellency, the Executive Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.

Everthing Good About Corruption.

His recent thought provoking and ground-breaking book entitled, “Everything Good About Corruption” demystifies the myths and long-held perceptions about the subject.

“Everything Good About Corruption” is a thought provoking and ground-breaking book that demystifies the myths and long-held perceptions about corruption and thus reveals never-before-known information about the subject based on extensive research and interviews with politicians, professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, civil servants, students, market woman and the average man on the street.

It is written for the smart, sharp and shrewd minds that seek to RISE to the TOP of the list of the RICHEST and WEALTHIEST in any profession, career or vocation….It is the ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR ANYONE WHO DESIRE TO BE ON FORBES LIST OF BILLIONAIRES.

Malcolm has worked tirelessly to inspire Nigerian youths to be patriotic and visionary towards building a GREATER Nigeria.

Malcolm lives in Abuja, Nigeria.

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