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Professor Nadia Chafik; Author, Lecturer, Propagating Moroccan Literature


Africa is a huge continent, and so you must forgive us if we seem to neglect some countries whilst others are daily vaunted.

Of course, we are well aware that stars in every sphere of industry dwell in every nook and cranny of this gifted continent and we celebrate another one today; a lady writer from the beautiful country of Morocco with the capital city of Rabat. Perhaps like me, whenever you think Morocco, you think ‘Casablanca’ its largest city and the set of the 1942 Classic, ‘Casablanca’ starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

From Oscar nominee and film maker, Nabil Ayouch, we meet another one of Morocco’s most famed writers and novelists, the very pretty Nadia Chafik.


Born in 1962, Professor Nadia Chafik is a Lecturer in French Language and Literature at the Faculty of Educational Sciences University Mohamed V in Rabat.

She studied at the Universite de Montreal, a public research university in Quebec, Canada where she earned her Master s degree and a Doctorate.

She worked as a Lecturer at the same institution for two years where her principal academic works focused on ‘Being a Novelist in the Maghreb’ [Etre romancière au Maghreb] and ‘Another reading of the Maghreb through scriptural and pictorial art.’

She also lectured at the Ibn Tofaïl University of Kénitra, before settling to teach Literature and promote the art of writing through developmental activities such as Writing workshops and Meetings with authors.

Nadia’s bibliography includes academic publications, short stories and three novels:

L’atelier d’écriture. Un Laboratoire à large spectre didactique, academic work, 2013

Tête de Poivre, a collection of short stories, 2012 for which she was nominated for the Grand Prix atlas by the French embassy in 2012.

Nos jours aveugles, 2005- Our Blind Days is her first collection of short stories.

A l’ombre du Jugurtha, a novel, 2000 – Love between a French Woman and an Amazigh Man.

Le secret des djinns, novel, 1998 – A Strange Man’s story.

Filles du vent, novel, 1995 – Madness and misfortune’s Single Mother.

Completely immersed in growing and propagating Moroccan Literature, Nadia Chafik has eternally made her mark as an author of repute in the Northern African country.

Where is your mark being made?

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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