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Project New Bamenda- Transforming Cameroon


 Pre-event Press Release: Project New Bamenda to propel the North West Region of Cameroon into a new business and entertainment era

 Transforming Cameroon

It takes one great idea to change lives and a people forever.

It takes a handful of willing, passionate and driven young people to dare and take the bold step that will move their hometown from a shadowed city to a global force to reckon with.

That’s what Project New Bamenda is about. It’s about passion, vision, innovation, entrepreneurship. But first of all, it’s about love. Love for a “Mother-City”. Love for a region and its landscape. Love for its hospitable and hardworking people. Love for the fondest childhood memories the North West Region has marked our hearts forever.

This love has followed us in our journeys around the world, in the search for greener pastures; walking the streets of New-York and the avenues of Paris with us, up the skyscrapers of Dubai, in the fog of London and under the sun of Rabat. It has made us stronger in adversity, moving us forward and further to the highest ladders of success, growing us from children to men, from sweethearts to women.

Now, it’s time to return and give back. It’s time to inspire those at home and those still away; to lead the path and pave the way for others to succeed. It’s time to create opportunities for our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and strangers, to bloom, to shine, to thrive.

Project New Bamenda is a process of developing the economic atmosphere in the North West Region of Cameroon. The North West Region is being pushed to the background yet has a lot of potential in business and entertainment. Project New Bamenda will unveil this wild and immense talent, untapped business savvy individuals waiting to be developed.

Through a series of events including business trainings, fashion shows, art exhibitions and concerts, Project new Bamenda will propel the North West Region and its capital, Bamenda into a new business and entertainment era to its full bloom.

The event debuts on May, 19th 2013 with a glamorous sit down dinner that will see the crème de la crème of Bamenda take part in a red carpet event followed by the launching of the first-ever business directory of the North West Region – the Big Yellow Pages – a fashion show by renowned local designers – with a special participation of Kibonen NY – the recognition of the townsfolk’s excellence in business with the presentation of the Milestones Awards and the performance of “Artists of the New Era”.

Project New Bamenda has already gathered the support of many ambassadors, companies and sympathisers, all “Bamendians” at heart, working hand in hand, to put Bamenda on the map.

We are very thankful to Looks, Jing & Partners, MTN Cameroon, Ndawara Highlands Tea Cameroon, BGFI Bank Cameroon, Saddle Hill Ranch, Blue Pearl Hotel, Essoka Security, Imagine, WHITE House Restaurant, Kibonen|NY and Cameroon Fashion CIG for being such wonderful backers. Together, we are giving life to the concept of the “New Bamenda” and more, we are giving hope to a Region that deserves the best.

For more info:

Jodelle Mayoda


Tel: (237) 33073432



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