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Reaching out to the Less Privileged, My Story – By Quinnet Umukoro

Quinnet Umukoro Love Concert

 The importance of including a dance competition in a party for kids cannot be overemphasized.  As a matter of fact, it can be tagged as the highlight of the event.

So, when the Master of Ceremony beckoned on some selected few to come up stage and showcase their dancing skills, it was indeed the moment everyone had been waiting for and I wasn’t left out.

But just as they climbed onto the stage, something caught my interest. I spotted a particular young fellow. He looked like an 11 or 12 year old. He was light-skinned in complexion and equally good looking. The first question that popped up in my head was:-
“do you mean this handsome kiddo has neither a Mom nor a Dad”?
At that point, I subconsciously strayed from the reality occurring in my immediate environment and got deep in thought, painting several mental pictures of this young fellow in distinct circumstances.

As an individual who grew up in the company of both parents, without taking into cognizance the experiences that life has thrown at me, the fact still remains that I have had two shoulders to lean on at every point, caring hands that wiped away my tears, loving voices that constantly told me ‘all will be well”. To a large extent, those words healed my ever troubled mind.

My heartbeats were still pounding profusely, “what about this young fellow dancing on stage before me?”

Quinnet Umukoro Love Concert

In those days when he needs a soothing word from a mother, when he seeks the courage of a father, when he misses the warmth from an extended family, WHAT HAPPENS?

In this era where humans have become so self centered, where lies the fate of this kiddo and his likes?

Who can they turn to, to get that maximum help, love, care, shelter, food and education when the need arises?

Yes!, I do not dispute the fact that quite a number of NGOs, Organizations (both public & private) and well meaning individuals has actually rendered their assistance in one way or the other, but the question is,
what about YOU who hasn’t quite been emotionally disturbed? How are you contributing your own quota to lives of these kids and their future? How many of these Orphans actually obtain University degrees?
Hmmmmm…., this little boy who is fair in complexion is an ORPHAN.

There are a million and one areas where the Society needs our assistance as individuals. Everyone cannot function in each of these areas but as a patriotic citizen in a system where the Government has failed YOU and I, it is expedient we contribute our own quota by identifying with at least one area.

Even without being on the front line, I am distinctively reaching out to Orphans using two different pla‎tforms.  The first is called “The Love Concert”, a platform that is focused on feeding, clothing and catering for Orphans through the method of deliberate partnership with the Project.

This is achieved by gathering Orphans in different states across Nigeria, twice every year during the Easter and Christmas Yuletide, to put a smile on their faces and ensure they walk away with pleasant memories they will treasure for a long time.

Quinnet Umukoro Love Concert
The other platform is known as “WAF” meaning “Well Appreciated and Friendly” – a project pioneered by a group of Old Secondary School Classmates, who celebrate their annual reunion by taking out time to visit an Orphanage home with donations and food supplies every 26th day of December.
This project has been running for FIVE years and counting.
Quinnet Umukoro We Appreciate Friends
Let’s be the love (this is The Love Concert slogan). You too can reach out as well by partnering with us. In this era of CHANGE, become that change by stretching out a helping hand to an ORPHAN.
Quinnet Umukoro

My name is Umukoro Quinnet, a Writer, Teen&Youth coach, a Model and a VOLUNTEER for ORPHANS.  You can reach me via email @ umukoroq123@yahoo.com, You can tweet at me @yvonne99, on Instagram @quin_zena, on facebook-Quinnet Umukoro.

Thank you.

What’s your story? You can share them on Konnectafrica.net by sending an email to arise@konnectafrica.net. Cheers!

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Contributing Writer
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