The African Radio Drama Association Presents ‘Rainbow City’ Episode 15


    Rainbow City

    Adolphus’s Idea

    The Wives of Mr Chairman

    Chairman’s wives have a confrontation; Sefinat and Chairman’s oldest wife Robo exchange words as Robo derides Sefinat for her impertinence at refusing to accommodate Robo’s children in their father’s house.

    The third wife, Ada joins the melee and Sefinat almost gives up in despair. Robo and Ada have come to demand their respective house rent from Chairman and Sefinat agitatedly inquires as to how they expect Chairman to shoulder all these responsibilities- now we know why he pilfers monies from his union account!-

    She oversteps her boundaries however when she insinuates that Ada’s son is not a legitimate son of Chairman and overheats the polity.

    Adolphus’s Idea

    The spineless Adolphus accosts Pa Momoh and pleads with him not to persist with his plans to meet with Mr Johnson on behalf of the tenants as decided in the previous episode. He assures him that his job as Caretaker will be in jeopardy if he embarks on this course, and proposes a contrary plan; to persuade Mr Johnson to bribe his tenants with essential commodities and food items in order to appease them and convince them to vote for him. In exchange his threats to increase the house rent/quit notice would serve no purpose and become a nullity.

    Pa Momoh receives the advice excitedly and with little reservation but Adolphus is not done yet, he has two other conditions for Pa Momoh to fulfill…knowing what we do of Adolphus, can you guess what they are?

    This is a production of the African Radio Drama Association


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