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The African Radio Drama Association Presents Rainbow City, Episode 2

Rainbow City

Co-tenants and Neighbours

Madam Asabe is depicted as the ray of hope in Rainbow City; the literate woman who runs a flourishing enterprise ie owns a shop in the market. Pa Momoh wishes to involve her in the domestic squabbles of Adolphus and his wife Beauty introduced in the previous episode, however she gracefully declines. His hidden agenda is however revealed: he wishes to court Madam Asabe.

Lydia’s Buka; The Chairman of the Rainbow City Taxi Union and his Vice entertain the boys at Lydia’s Buka before heading for the Union Meeting where he addresses his illiterate but volatile audience and dazzles them with a few big words and empty promises of social security packages and welfare packages. These promises are however tied to a condition; to be returned unopposed at the next election.

Their members will however not be cowed; they insist on an election and an account of the expenditure of its Executive. Overwhelmed by the unexpected response, the Chairman reluctantly promises to present a report before the next elections. His monies have been spent in vain as a belly full of Lydia’ pounded yam has not bought the loyalty of his members.

Lydia’s home: Bature her husband protests her long hours at the canteen and his treatment like a beggar whilst she hovers over her customers at the canteen. He insists on ‘wifely support’ after his long hours of toiling. She quickly calms his frazzled nerves with promises to conduct herself in a manner more seemly of ‘Bature’s wife’ and her punishment is averted.

Chairman’s Home: Sefinat, one of the Chairman’s wives derides his drunken state upon his return from the Union meeting and threatens to do bodily harm to one of his numerous wives. She might have been venting to a log of wood as Chairman’s snores brings this episode to a humorous close.

This is a Production of The African Radio Drama Association.



Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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