African Radio Drama Association Presents Rainbow City Episode 3


    Rainbow City

    Chairmanship Aspirant

    This episode opens with a conversation between Pa Momoh, the caretaker at Endurance Villa who has recently launched a new motorcycle and busybody Adolphus wants to find out how Momoh is able to make such an expensive acquisition.

    Pa Momoh, an ex-military man relives his glory days as an ex-military man who handles bigger and better motorcycles in his prime. Curiosity gets the better of Adolphus who stoops to assist Momoh in pushing the motorcycle; he will not be appeased until he discovers the source of Pa Momoh’s new found largesse.

    Momoh finally caves in and reveals that the Landlord, Mr Johnson gave him the motorcycle in order to further his ambition to run for the Chairmanship of the Rainbow City Council. Momoh proudly states that he has been appointed Campaign Manager and urges the tenants of Endurance Villa to vote for Mr Johnson in lieu of the many privileges and benefits they would stand to enjoy.

    Pool House

    Adolphus spreads the news of Mr Johnson’s desire to run for Chairmanship to Mr Uduma, Pool Manager and another of Mr Johnson’s tenants.

    Mr Uduma is vexed at the news obviously nursing some displeasure towards his Landlord. He rebuffs Adolphus strongly for disturbing him at work with such unwelcome news.

    Endurance Villa

    Asabe reports this latest news of Mr Johnson’s candidacy to Mr Bature, an obviously educated young man. Mr Bature educates her on her rights as a voter and insists that no one can coerce her to vote for any candidate irrespective of his position or relationship to her.

    The general consensus is that Mr Johnson is a thoroughly unfit candidate for any public office as is exemplified by how shabbily he treats his tenants at Endurance Villa. We can’t wait to see how he plans to defy these obstacles in subsequent episodes!

    This is a production of the African Radio Drama Association.

    If you just joined up, view episode 1 and episode 2.


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