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The African Radio Drama Association Presents ‘Rainbow City’ Episode 9

Rainbow City


Adolphus is in conversation with the Caretaker Pa Momoh; Mr Johnson the Landlord is to pay a visit to his tenants at Endurance Villa and Pa Momoh gloats as he imagines his triumph over the rebellious tenants and the humbling they will undergo when his ‘Oga’ arrives.

Mr Johnson arrives and addresses his champion Adolphus rudely; the reason is soon revealed to be the fiasco that occurred when Adolphus pressed his daughter Veronica into an insidious visit to Mr Johnson’s house.

Tenants & Landlord

Mr Uduma and the Chairman are absent from the meeting so Chris and Madam Asabe serve as the attack dogs of the tenants.

The phrase ‘time is precious’ rings forth during the meeting as Mr Johnson questions the reason for his summons by the tenants. He inquires as to when his outrageous demands for rent increment and advance payment would be acceded to; to his surprise, the tenants stand their ground and refuse to comply.

Adolphus the black sheep and unremitting debtor refuses to toe the line of the other tenants and draws their ire with his weak stance.

Madam Asabe, Chris and Mr Bature deride Mr Johnson for attempting to coerce them into submission and the meeting ends with threats and counter-threats of Quit notices and the like.

Adolphus the Debtor

Adolphus bemoans his failure to ‘sell’ Vero his daughter to Mr Johnson and the attendant gains he would have derived from such a transaction to Innocent, a Police Sergeant whom he tries to eke some monies out of to no avail. Adolphus vows to sustain his efforts to manoeuvre Vero in Mr Johnson’s arms.

Now that the tenants of Endurance Villa have taken a stand, how will Mr Johnson react?

This is a production of the African Radio Drama Association [ARDA]

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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