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The African Radio Drama Association Presents ‘Rainbow City’ Episode 5

Rainbow City

Steps to a New Life…

Episode 5 starts with a conversation between the Chairman of the Jubilee Taxi Driver’s Association and Madam Asabe; it revolves around his booming business and his tendency for too much drink to the irritation of his wife Sefinat.

Cephas -Madam Asabe’s son- has evidently paid a visit to her; he is a student of the Polytechnic and evidently involved in the rigorous activities of the Student’s Union Government, to his mother’s mild displeasure.

The actual purpose of the trip is to tutor Madam Asabe on the fundamentals of forming and running a union in lieu of creating one for the Market Women in order to shield them from the harassment of the police and other thugs.

His lecture is basic: Call a meeting, determine the number of those available and willing to hold positions in the union, and resume union activities. He even offers her a book that will ease the process of formation for her.

The Adolphus Household

Vero’s father, Adolphus sends her on an errand to the Landlord, Mr Johnson, with obviously underhanded motives reminiscent of his earlier expressed desire to ‘sell’ her to Mr Johnson.

He intimates Vero that Mr Johnson might be interested in her, and urges her to accede to his advances. Vero reacts in the negative and tries to get out of the visit but her father emotionally blackmails her into complying. Adolphus obviously intends to better his lot as well as get out of paying arrears in house rent by trading off his daughter.


Vero reports her father’s atrocious plans to the enlightened Mr Chris who presses her to take control the reins of her life and stop waiting on her parents to make decisions for her; she reports that Mr Johnson tried to take advantage of her when she went to deliver the ‘letter.’ We are not surprised by this titbit; it was a rather obvious game plan. He impresses on her the need to focus on her education and to her utmost joy, informs her that he has registered her for a WAEC Exam Preparatory class and arranged for her to work as a Sales Girl at a neighbourhood Supermarket to earn some extra money on the side.

Whatever will Adolphus come up with next?

This is a Production of the African Radio Drama Association.

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanyahttp://jennyuncensored.wordpress.com
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