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The African Radio Drama Association Presents ‘Rainbow City’ Episode 6

Rainbow City

People’s Money -Episode 6

The Chairman’s House.

Sefinat razzes the Chairman about his affinity for women; three wives notwithstanding. She reports that one of his wives, Ada visited yesterday to report that her Landlord had evicted her. Sefinat proudly informs him that she refuses to turn her apartment into a refugee camp and Chairman is appalled at her cold-hearted stance despite the fact that Ada and her child have been rendered homeless.

Her parting shot wears him down even further as she reveals her knowledge of the money problems he faces with the union members.

Chairman is a man not at peace either within or without!

The Motorpark.

Chairman grills his Vice, Longus about the source of Sefinat’s information concerning his money problems with the taxi union. Longus denies any knowledge of her intelligence and instead empties another bag of woes on Chairman; none of the union members are taking the bait anymore. They insist on a proper accounting of the union levies and monies before the next elections. Obviously, Chairman has embezzled tons of union money and cannot make any account of its use for union purposes.

Chairman contemplates postponing the elections until he has returned the account to its proper state and when Longus denounces this solution, he proposes an even more dangerous one: an act of arson against the union office to effectively remove all of evidence of his financial misappropriations! The situation is dire indeed!

The Market-Place.

Chairman goes to lay his woes before Madam Asabe who even further berates him for ‘borrowing’ union money without the knowledge of the union treasurer and financial secretary.

Madam Asabe cautiously promises to try and raise some money for him before the union meeting which is billed to hold in two weeks, whilst expressing her shock and dismay at his folly especially for one so knowledgeable about such matters. We will recall that he gave Madam Asabe a short course on forming and managing a union in previous episodes.

Will Chairman pay the price of his folly?

This is a Production of the African Radio Drama Association.

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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