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Short Story – A Cry (Part 7)

June 26th 1999

Kevwe pasted a stick on paper with the number 22 written boldly on it on the mirror. As she inspected her face, ‘the scars are gone Bee and I didn’t even realize when they went’, she called out to her husband. Bolaji walked into the bathroom dressed for work, scrutinized her and face and planted a kiss on her cheek…’cute chic’, ‘what’s that?’ he asked gesturing to the number. ‘Am counting down to the day I get to take the cast off,’ she replied with a smile.

‘Have a great day at work, while I have my muse working over time on my manuscripts,’ Kevwe said, as they exchanged a kiss. ‘Mummie came to say see you later,’ Laolu yelled as he rushed into say bye, muah! ‘Have fun at school baby.’

Alone with her thoughts and the silence in the house but for her steady breathing, Kevwe paused to think over the past weeks…forgive me father, I’ve been so consumed with getting the cast of, I failed to say thank you for each little miracle as it occurred the nightmares have stopped, the scars gone…

…thank you, thank you, E se gon Olorun mi, you’re the one who heals me, both psychologically and physically. Help me to not miss the little packages you send my way, while I look out expectantly for what you think is best.

Everly grateful

Oghale Otokunefor
Oghale Otokunefor
She is a Legal Practitioner by profession and She loves to write poetry, articles and short stories. She is a Nigerian. As a pastime she enjoys reading a lot, scribbling stuff, dancing, and listening to music. In addition, she enjoys learning about different cultures and languages.

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