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The Society Women Series…Book 1

Wanna Be Mom

Mrs. Brenda smiled her admiration as she let her eyes roam around the expanse of land. “The rich folks sure know how to plan an informal party.” She muttered.

Society Women

“The place is quite beautiful Mom.” Sonia agreed.

“I know my dear, I know.” Mrs Brenda said and turned around to face her daughters. “I think we all look gorgeous and ready to roll.” She declared after giving her three daughters a final thorough look.“One more thing though,” she thought to add. “Whatever you do, please try not to embarrass me. You girls know how important this outing is to me.”

 “Actually Mom, we have no idea where this place is or what this outing is about.” Vanessa said as politely as she could. God knows all she wanted to do was go back home,  get into bed and finish reading a novel she’d began the night before. She was also tired of tilting her neck a little to the left all morning.

“Didn’t I mention the big casual party scheduled for this morning?”  Mrs. Brenda asked no one in particular.

“Mom, from what you said last night, we weren’t even invited to this big casual party.” Vanessa pointed out.

Mrs. Brenda turned her most awful look on her eldest daughter and spoke to her in vernacular and through grinded teeth. “Maka chukwu, Chikaodi Nwokedi e mekata…” Mrs. Brenda did not get to finish her outburst; she got stopped by her second daughter.

“Mom, Mom, I think one of your fat friends is coming our way.” Ella said with a fake smile in place.

The sisters gasped at their mom’s instant and total transformation. It was almost like her countenance never changed.

“Smiles in places girls, keep smiling and please don’t disgrace me.” Mrs Brenda warned.

Vanessa, Ella and Sonia all tilted their heads a little to the left and switched on a smile they had rehearsed all week. Vanessa was relieved that her mother didn’t get the chance to berate her any further. Whenever her Mom called her by her given name or spoke in vernacular, it meant she was very angry and whenever mother was angry she tongue-lashed mercilessly. In Vanessa’s opinion, tongue lashing was more painful than actual strokes of the cane.

“Mrs. Brenda, hi.” The approaching woman greeted.

“Oh, hello Mrs. Molly you look fabulous. Have you met my daughters yet?”

 “Thanks Mrs. Brenda for the compliment.” Mrs. Molly smiled.

“Oh please call me Brenda”.

 “Sure and you must call me Molly.” Mrs. Molly said still smiling at the girls in front of her.

“Beautiful.” Mrs. Brenda beamed.

Vanessa had to hold her tongue from hissing, knowing her mother would consider the woman’s offer to be called by her first name an achievement.

“These are your daughters, wow, they all look very pretty. Brenda where have been you hiding them?” Mrs. Molly asked politely.

“Oh thanks Molly, you can say that again.” Mrs. Brenda beamed and went on to introduce each girl.

Vanessa noticed that Mrs. Molly looked at them with a genuine interest. That would have counted for something if she hadn’t seen the gleam of ambition in the big woman’s eyes. It was the kind of gleam her mother usually had on whenever she set her eyes on something or someone she wanted. Vanessa’s eyes popped open in their sockets, could Mrs. Molly be scheming, if yes, what did she want?

The large woman fixed her eyes on Ella and favored her with a special smile before she whispered something into her mother’s ears. The girls exchanged surprised looks as their mother let out a loud laugh and quickly comported herself. Vanessa coughed into her hand in a bid to hide a giggle. If Mrs. Molly noticed anything she didn’t say. She simply wished the family a good morning and excused herself.

“Good job girls, well done”. Mrs. Brenda said with a grin of someone who had just won a lottery.

“Can we please go home now Mom?” Vanessa asked politely.

“No Vanessa, you cannot go home now, in fact, you’re not leaving until we find you a date. Although with that attitude of yours, I doubt the possibility.” Mrs. Brenda said and moved around to pull Ella into an embrace.

 “Come here honey, congratulations, you have a date.”

 “I do?” Ella asked as she was dragged off ahead of her sisters.

Vanessa and Sonia followed without saying another word.

The story continues in Book 2…

Chinedum Ify
Chinedum Ify
Chinedum Ify is an Author, Writer, Producer, Addiction and Children's Editor for BellaOnline, a Relationship Counsellor and the initiator of Help A Child Read.Com. Some of her works includes: "You too can have a happy-ever-after end" and "High School Rival". You can visit her at

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