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Short Story: Tears of the Night (Part 5) by Mac-King T. Thompson

This is the concluding part of the Short Story Series by Mac-King T. Thompson titled “Tears of the Night” – a riveting tale of three (3) African migrants journeying to Europe illegally via the turbulent seas.

To fully follow the story, read Part One (1) here , Part two (2) here , Part three (3) here and Part four (4) here. Enjoy!

Tears of the Night, MacKing T. Thompson,

On the third night of their journey, tragedy struck. You may not like it, but the freak occurred.

Waris was awake at that hour, because she could barely sleep throughout the night because of her nightmare experience.

At this hour, she witnessed what they would not like to see – the mighty roar of the ocean waves. This strange sight caused her to panic with an immense fear, so terrible that Waris screamed with a loud voice;

“somebody help!”

Many woke up from their slumber. This was not the sound of a nightmare, but strong winds were moving towards the direction of their vessel. They were deeply troubled and were gripped with fear.

“What can we do in the middle of the ocean which has risen against us?”

The women began to cry. The men beat their chests, but the winds refused to subside or take a nap.

Tears flowed freely from the eyes of all who watched the storm afar, yet it was coming so near.

Nani could not navigate any further as his brakes failed him. Before anyone could say a word, there was a very loud crash. Alas, the unfriendly wind had wrecked their vessel.

The waters entered with extreme violence and set it apart. It only wiped their tears with a force but for how long? For sooner they would shed their last tears into it.

“I am sorry, Tina. I wish it had not happened. I wish we had not fled from home to take this unfortunate journey.” Cried Waris

“It’s not your fault, Waris. Destiny has had its way. You did your best for our security. It was good but now, I can’t take it anymore.” Replied Tina

“Please hold on dear.

“No, I am freezing to death. My tears drown me. My soul is weary and my spirit leaves me. Please allow me to go this time. I would always cherish you my only friend” Tina whispered as she went down gradually into the ocean.

So sad!

Waris wept bitterly as she lay on a perch of the broken vessel as others struggled to survive.

“Oh! you are so near, Yaya.” Solo said.

“Yes Uncle, but for a moment. Extreme cold grip me. Please, have you see any of my friends?”

“Kone has drowned. As for Sam, I saw him swim from behind. Who knows, He might survive.”

“My heart burdens me; a journey away from troubles has ended in this terror. Who will deliver the sudden news of my demise to my mother? I am very sad.”

“Don’t be sad, Yaya. Never lose hope! Hold on, there is always a way but if you survive before me, kindly extend my message to my family and tell them how much I love them. I am glad you are here, watch and pray.”

Somebody help! Yaya yells as he went unconscious. Who could help them at this hour?

After a few hours of drifting away on planks, the Naval Rescue mission located them.

“Who else is alive?” They asked as they looked for survivors. Two people, as weak and tired as with Yaya, who was unconscious found themselves at the shore with the help of the Naval Rescue Mission team. Thank God.

After half an hour, Yaya opened his eyes from his conscious state and saw people around him, but this time in the Camp of the Refugees.

None he could call friend. A stranger among many, with Sam who swam for his life and Waris who held on in spite of it all.

Yaya with grief in his heart cried out sorrowfully, “Is everyone ok?”

“Ask Mateo Acitalli, Leader of the Rescue Team.” said an Officer.

“No!” Yaya soberly replied as he raised both hands in the air.

“How may I help you, Man?”

“Kindly give me pen and paper that I may live the rest of my life upon it.”

“Okay. What for? Hmmm….. Anyway, here you are.”

Yaya collected the pen and paper and wrote a letter to his mother.

Dear Mama,

I am very sad to write you this letter. I hope you are doing well, Mama. I had always wanted to be by your side, to comfort and to provide for you, but the perils of life has kept me far from you. I set out to the journey of my life, not for anything, but for the needs of life so that I could take care of you in your old age and make you merry. However, all that I have ever wished did not turn out to be as you have always expected of me and I pray the hand of the Divine would hold you in times of your need and comfort you in the moment of pain but if the Divine wills, we would meet again.

And please, kindly extend this message to the family of Uncle Solo. He sends his love.

I love you Mama.

Your son


The End

This story was sent in by Mac-King T. Thompson. He lives in Tema, Ghana.

Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer
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  1. Wow such a twisting at the end. All seemed to be going very well. In life you should never think its all sunshine or all gloom. Stay in the middle and let Providence be the keeper of this world.

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