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The Price of Beauty

The Price of Beauty

The price of maintaining distinction as an attractive and beautiful woman can be expensive; there is so much you want to do, and pain you must endure to achieve that ‘glam look’.

How much face pulling, tweezing, plucking, oil smears, scalp burns, waist cinching, tight clothes, high heels, mud baths, and body rubs do you have to endure to look beautiful?

Do you have to borrow your friend’s jewellery or outfits to ‘feel among’?

How much effort and time do you put in your beauty ritual? The shopping, dressmaker and salon visits?

At the end, do you undertake an appraisal to decide if the entire process is worth it and do people appreciate your looks?

beauty tower

Naturally, women can be vain when it comes to our appearance. We all want to look attractive and beautiful as this gives us extra confidence, but at what expense?! The beauty industry is a multi-billion industry that sells us products we do and do not need. The average woman spends $3,000 or N200,000 as the case may be on looking good considering the number of hairstyles, makeup and beauty products, manicures, pedicures, mascaras, facials, douches, feminine must-haves, creams, waxes, lubes and lubes of lipsticks, massages, shoes that hurt, new outfits that won’t probably fit that you acquire each year. God help you if you are not satisfied with your appearance and still need to spend money on getting the perfect waist size, bigger breasts, and tummy tucks; think of the gym costs or the cosmetic surgery fees.

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However, does more money automatically translate to beauty? And does our vanity keeps us poor? Looking good is important but do we have to break the bank to do so? You can do low maintenance and achieve same results. The key is to know what you do need and not be carried away by the ads on TV or beauty Magazines which promise instant results; they are just there to sell products.

Eating healthy, getting proper exercise, knowing the right combination of outfits, carefully planning your time, being more natural, and less prone to artificial products; most importantly, working with and keeping to a budget can keep you looking glamorous without getting you into debt.

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Christina Adegbaju
Christina Adegbaju
She is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Event Planner, Beauty and Crafts Enthusiast and Blogger. Her passion lies in Events Management and Beauty Services. She is an ardent lover of beauty and charm, and is drawn to a Service that provides people with the ability to express themselves in their style. She manages an Events Management outfit that specializes in the core areas: event planning, beauty and skin care consult, ushering service, training and consultancy, and caters for social and corporate events. She loves traveling and learning new methods.

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