Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Day 3 of the “Think and Grow Rich” 30-Day Reading Challenge

Think and grow Rich

Many thanks for registering for this Reading Challenge and for downloading the free feature book titled, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Have you started reading the book? You would have noticed that the book has a preface and 15 Chapters.

To get the maximum value from this book, you may need to do the following :-

  1. Set aside a certain/specific time everyday to read the part of the book allotted for the day.
  2. Get a notebook so that you can write down lessons that have spoken to you, those parts you have learnt from.
  3. Visit KonnectAfrica.net, and join in the discussion where everyone that is part of the challenge shares what they are learning, ask questions and seek answers, answer the questions of others etc
  4. Share this reading opportunity with your friends that will love to be a part of this. Ask them to join us and let’d develop ourselves

Am I missing out something? Is there any other thing you think we can do to derive the most value out of this process? Share with us in the comments.

I will also like to know what your objectives for reading the book and what your expectations are. That will help us a great deal. Also state those in the comments and let’s discuss.

In the meantime, click open your copy of the book and read the PREFACE of the book. Tomorrow, we discuss the Preface. Do well to join in the conversation.

To your massive personal development and all round success,


p.s. if you want to be a part of this Reading Challenge and you have not not downloaded your copy, you can do so below. Cheers.


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