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Uduak Ubak’s Blog: 10 Sure Ways to Stay Healthy and Avoid Extra Weight During The Holiday Period

How to avoid extra weight

It’s that time of the year again – ┬áparties, parties, and more parties… and of course with parties come food, lots of mouth-watering dishes, enough to break your ‘healthy living’ resolve.

To stay healthy and avoid the extra weight, you must plan ahead. So, I took the liberty to research on ways to stop the waist line from expanding in this ‘food’ season. This is what I found.

1. For starters, holiday season is not the best time for weight loss, so the best deal is to purposely plan not to add weight.

2. To achieve this, you need to have a holiday plan. Know your party days and plan healthy meals on non-party days.

3. Include exercises into your daily routine

4. Don’t go to parties hungry. Have a healthy snack before you leave home.

5. If there are options of vegetables and fruits, try to fill half of your plates with these before considering the other delicacies

Source: Facebook/BridgesOrganicHealthRestaurant
Source: Facebook/BridgesOrganicHealthRestaurant

6. Start your meal with healthy options. This helps to take the edge off your hunger.

7. No need to do without your favorite foods, as long as you remember moderation is key

8. Practice eating small portions.

9. Drink plenty of water

10. Dance a lot at the parties, it’s a form of exercise.

Most of all, try to have fun. Remember, a merry heart does good like medicine.

Happy holidaying everyone.

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