Thursday, May 25, 2023
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Uduak Ubak’s Blog:  On Hardwork and Finding Success in Nigeria

I received a mail from a dear friend recently and it contained a link to view a house. I think what made it newsworthy was the owner of the house, a popular Nigerian blogger. As interesting as the house was, that wasn’t the reason for the shared link; it was the success story behind the house  as my friend knows just how I love success stories.

Linda Ikeji and Tony Elumelu (1) Uduak Ubaks Blog On Hardwork

Here was a young lady in her mid thirties living her dream. It was quite exciting to read her story, about her struggles, her determination, her prayers and hard work. In fact the reason she shared her story was to encourage young ladies like her not to settle for less. To let them know it was possible if only they can believe in themselves, trust God and be willing to work hard.

It just reminded me of the many successful stories around us we do not say much about. Of Nigerians living the “Nigerian dream”. Well of course the Nigerian dream is their personal success stories in Nigeria.

I know of a young man who wrecked his life just because he felt that in Nigeria he could never be successful. He’s just one out of many Nigerians who have left the shores of this country seeking for greener pastures in other countries. This isn’t wrong because  we have heard success stories about Nigerians who come to give back to our society and excel in these other countries  thereby making Nigeria proud. But the sad stories too exist of people getting illegal visas just because they want to live in a particular country.  I remember a young man who told his own story of how he wanted to leave the country illegally through the Sahara desert. It was a pathetic story of suffering and almost losing his life but thank God he didn’t and his ordeal has given birth to his drive to prevent  many young Nigerian men and women from doing the same.

I do not think there are enough success stories from Nigeria out there. We need people to share their success stories more often. When we look at the business sector  for example, reference is made to foreign entrepreneurs like Bill Gate, Richard Branson etc.  So there is a temptation to feel that it is easier to succeed outside the borders of Nigeria. I know as a country we have our own challenges but which country doesn’t? If people have been able to make it here, then everybody has the potential too.

I really loved the lady’s story especially as it threw some light on her back ground. She was not born into wealth, neither did she have a super wealthy relative to help her on her journey.  All she did was have a vision, pray about it and work hard. I guess it shows that even in Nigeria, hard work can pay off!

Please feel free to share your success stories, it doesn’t have to be a billion Naira story; it could just be about how you helped someone become a better person.

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  1. I can totally relate with this story. And I always advise young people to stay in Nigeria, there are loads of opportunities here. You just have to be discerning to spot business opportunities and hard-working to implement them. I just wish many young people will read this article.

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