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Unwind: A Series

1st July 2012

Can pain be the precursor of bliss? I have pondered this for years. I haven’t been the same confident, self assured woman since that day I walked in on Tunde and that lady six days ago…five years down the toilet! Five years!!!

chinasa mom Unwind: A Series

This is my first day outside my bedroom since then. My girlfriends can be annoying sometimes; they just won’t let me be. The room was really a mess though, wonder how I could breathe in there for six days…Little miracles I suppose. Tina’s grinning from cheek to cheek…she’s reminding me of the cat in Alice in Wonderland …Ah!!! And they even made me breakfast. Friends!!Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!!

African-american women

Anyway, I have the bestest besties any girl could wish for. There’s Tina, she’s crazy I tell you!! Runs her own bridal shop; Ngozi or Ng for short…she’s presently unemployed but bakes cakes for the fun of it and then Tammy; she’s the boss.  Matter of fact, straight-to- the-point, tell- it-as-it-is Tammy.

So here I am sitting on the sofa, munching a sandwich noisily and listening to them go on and on about how my life is not over. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve rolled my eyes. Tammy’s been silent, probably pondering on the perfect words to say. She seems to be putting on weight. Hope she’s not pregnant again. Her hubby really should give her a break.

‘You know what I think…’

Finally Tammy is talking.

‘I think you need to unwind,’

‘You mean go clubbing or something?’ Ng said rubbing her hands with glee.

‘No…she’s all in knots, so freaking messed up inside that even good music wouldn’t do much…we need to get you on a program.’

I didn’t mean to but I yawned. It’s a reflex action isn’t it? ‘I am not in knots…and I will not see a shrink!!!’

‘No shrink involved, just you, me and the girls…would be good for all of us. Day by day we’ll work it from the inside out.’

No one argues with Tammy and wins…so I guess we’re in. Wish me luck as I UNWIND.

Soibi is a master’s student at the Department of Economics University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She runs a wedding planning outfit (Aurora 7 Complete Touch) on the side. Witty, funny and insightful, she sees the world through a window that is sure to get you laughing, crying, thinking and smiling.

Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer
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