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Wedding Make-Up Tips Part 1: The Key is To Look Like Yourself, Only Better

The Most Important Part of Your Makeup: Your Skin Tone

The Key is To Look Like Yourself

It doesn’t matter how big your eyes are or how glossy your lips look, if your skin looks blotchy or oily, you won’t look your best on your wedding day. Your first priority should be making sure your skin looks great, then move on to your eyes, cheeks and lips.

A basic rule of makeup is to either play up your eyes or your mouth. Play up both and you risk looking like a clown. So if you decide to go all-out on your eye makeup, keep your lips light with a gloss or a light pink lipstick. If you want to play up your full lips, do so with a bright or deep color, but keep your eyes relatively light.

Two Words: Waterproof. Mascara.


Perhaps you will be in that 5 percent of women who don’t tear up at some point at their wedding, but if you’re not, today is the day to whip out the waterproof mascara. And ask your maid of honor to carry a tissue for you.

Prime, Prime, Prime

Just as you would prime a wall before you paint, you should prime your face before you apply anything powder-based. I swear by eyeshadow primers — nothing, and I mean NOTHING works better to keep your shadow from melting into your eyelid crease. I use a primer every single time I wear eyeshadow. If you’re wearing foundation or tinted moisturizer, apply primer beforehand. Primer fills in pores and fine lines and you’ll find your foundation glides on effortlessly.

Invest in good makeup products, such as a Highlighter Pen or concealer and an eyelash curler

wedding curler

This helps brightens the face more. Apply a bit of concealer under the eyes, above the brow, the dark and shadowed places, in the creases of the jowls (along your nose) and under the chin. Pat in with the pad of your finger. One great tip is to look in the mirror with your chin down. Eyelash curling will make your eyes pop, some women with super short eyelashes go the false lashes route, but get them professionally done.

The Trick to Keeping Lipstick in Place:

wedding lipstick

The morning of the wedding, exfoliate lips by slathering them with Vaseline. Scrub them in a circular motion with an old toothbrush.

When you apply makeup, fill in lips with a lip liner.

Apply lipstick or gloss over this. The lip liner is key to keeping color locked in place.

Keep your lip liner close at hand so you can refresh your lips a few times during the evening. Better yet, put one of your bridesmaids in charge of lipstick/gloss duty.

To be continued…

Christina Adegbaju

Christina Adegbaju
Christina Adegbaju
She is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Event Planner, Beauty and Crafts Enthusiast and Blogger. Her passion lies in Events Management and Beauty Services. She is an ardent lover of beauty and charm, and is drawn to a Service that provides people with the ability to express themselves in their style. She manages an Events Management outfit that specializes in the core areas: event planning, beauty and skin care consult, ushering service, training and consultancy, and caters for social and corporate events. She loves traveling and learning new methods.

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