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Weekend Food: A Healthy Food Timetable for the Family

Ever tossed and turned just trying to decide what to prepare for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Well that’s done with! This food timetable -an offering from us to you- will relieve you and provide scrumptious, healthy feeding for the family.

Weekend Food: A Healthy Food Timetable for the Family



Boiled plantain with vegetable stew (efo) Any fruit in season Amala w/ ogbono soup Water to drink Any fruit in season Porridge yam with vegetable and goat meat Cereal w/ skim milk OR a Granola bar
TUESDAY Toasted bread with oats Any fruit in season Fufu with (vegetable soup). Water to drink Fruit Salad Moi moi with stew and fried plantain Cereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
WEDNESDAY Boiled Sweet potatoe with fish stew Any fruit in season Agidi with Pepper soup Chin Chin oconut Rice w/ meat or chicken stewand coleslaw Cereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
THURSDAY Pancakes with sausages and tea or coffee Any fruit in season Wheat meal with Afang (vegetable) soup. Water to drink Fruit Salad Beans and plantain porridge Cereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
FRIDAY Chips and chicken with ketchup and tea or cofee Any fruit in season White Rice w/ boiled beans & stewed fish or Banana with groundnuts Grilled plantain palm oil sauce with grilled fish Cereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
SATURDAY Akara and pap Any fruit in season Eba and Oha soup Meat/Chicken Pies Noodles with mixed vegetables. Cereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar
SUNDAY Bread/ fried eggs, & sausages. Cup of tea/coffee Any fruit in season Fried rice with fried plantain Fruit Salad Fried sweet potatoe with stew Cereal w/ skim milk OR  a granola bar















Lucy Agwunobi is an Architect, and Interior Designer who loves the fine art of cooking!


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  1. This is a complete food timetable which wil make my family to live a healthy life.Thanks so much.

    • You are most welcome, Gbemisola. When you have implemented the timetable for a few weeks, do share your experience with us. Enjoy your weekend.

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